Mushroom Flower Pot

Ingredients                                 Qty

risotto rice                                  380 gm    
stock                                          as required
rehydrated porcini mushroom    10 gm
cream                                         80 ml    
butter                                         75 gm    
salt                                             6 gm    
thyme powder                            1 gm     
parmesan cheese                      60 gm    
olive oil                                      50 ml    
button mushroom                      8
truffle oil                                    5 ml
mustard cress                          10 gm    
egg                                           4   

For the mushroom sand             
porcini powder                3 gm
butter                              10 gm
flour                                15 gm


1.   Cook risotto rice in stock. Add cream, butter, cheese, porcini mushrooms, thyme powder and olive oil. Mix.

2.   To make the mushroom sand: mix porcini powder with butter and flour. Bake lightly in the oven for a few minutes. Set aside.

3.   Clean and grill button mushrooms. Cover with truffle oil.

4.   Plate the risotto and cover it with mushroom sand. Garnish with button mushrooms, mustard cress and a fried egg.