Monkey Bar

It’s fun, quirky and inspired by New York yet unabashedly Indian. Monkey Bar is the country’s first gastropub brand, and it recently joined New Delhi’s skyline with the promise of anything but the usual.

Housed in a spectacular pyramid measuring 47 feet in height built using steel tubes and reflective glass, Monkey Bar’s interiors evoke the feeling of a fun space in NYC. It’s welcoming, intimate and effortlessly dramatic. At 3,500 square feet, the bar spans two levels and reflects an urban chic vibe.

Rethinking pub food with firm Indian roots but with just enough twists and tweaks is the Money Bar menu. Innovative and perhaps a bit non-conformist, it includes dishes like Mee Goreng, Mobar Laksa, Shrimp Newburg with brown rice, Berry Pulao, Parsee Orderlies Mutton Curry, and Sticky Date Pudding. Traditional dishes like Pork Sorpotel wind up in little jam pots; the traditional Coorgi delicacy Pandi Curry is paired with fresh pita; and brain fry and offal move out of their traditional Jama Masjid bastion and is presented in a whole new avatar. Desserts like the Pineapple Outside-In, with rum-soaked fruit baked to order in a rich brioche, and Flourless XS Cake promise potent doses of decadent comfort.

Monkey Bar sets a benchmark for its innovative food and often-irreverent take on the concept of traditional cuisine. As important as food, design and music are the beverages; the bar here keeps abreast of things to offer trendy cocktails. Try some of their refreshing fruit cocktails, an ultra-chilled beer, and unusual concoctions like the Mangaa, the Copper Monkey, Go Guava, the Mary Beer and martinis served in rock glasses.

Monkey Bar puts a whole new spin on things, where innovation and freshness are firmly at the forefront. It’s no longer about the regular.