Modern Rustic Anuj and Suruchi Khanna Interior

Designer Suruchi Khanna and her husband Anuj Khanna have reconfigured their Delhi house to create flowing and calm spaces, brought alive by unexpected finishes and theatrical objects. Addressing the notion that designers’ homes can all easily look like showrooms, the faces behind two entities – Sanaa Furnishing and Sanaa Couture – prove it wrong by working on ideas and creations that are anything but bland.You & I takes a tour of this talented duo’s sprawling home that is full of well­ designed pieces and charming character.


On their 3.5-acre parcel, Delhi-based entrepreneurs Suruchi and Anuj Khanna, along with their two children, designed a five-storey house complete with a drawing room, living area, three bedrooms, four guest rooms, a party hall, and kids play area. “Like the Ganesha sculpture floating in the entrance, our home needs to be a place of harmony and light,” Suruchi explains.


The couple let the layout of the area dictate their usage. With fine stairways connecting the different levels of the house, each living space flows directly into the next. For starters, guests arrive in an area lined with water bodies and Ganesha artefacts. Once visitors enter the home, they get a glimpse of the Khanna’s large collection of paintings and artefacts, which adds an important visual texture to the decor. Each of their designs – be it a coffee table, sofa, armchair or mirror– is either sourced from different parts of the world or handmade by craftsmen in Delhi. Keeping true to their personalities, Suruchi and Anuj – who have similar tastes in design– find their inspiration from just about everything. And this can be clearly seen in their free-spirited and fearless pieces, which are equally practical and stylish.


The colour palette used here may be soothingly monochromatic, but the interior is filled with unexpected materials, theatrical flourishes, and customised pieces. “We both have an extraordinary understanding of colour,” says Suruchi, “and have picked paint colours carefully.” Decoratively, as much as possible, Suruchi has tried to match the wall colours to the furniture. “In the entire house we wanted neutral, soft walls, and to add accents of brown in the furnishings –like the dark brown blinds, the vintage bar corner or the leather sofas,” she adds.


On the ground floor, the polished floor extends straight to the living area– perhaps the prettiest room in the house. To Suruchi, the large sitting room is full of “rustic and dark deliciousness.” The contemporary sofas and artwork here is fabulous. “We have used an eclectic and interesting mix of modern art and traditional artefacts,” she adds. A door leads to a puja room and a formal drawing space, where a gracious room sweeps through double doors into a bar. On the same level there is a dining room, and beyond this is the kitchen. Further down the hall is a small but comfortable guest room, along with a master bedroom for Suruchi’s parents.


In a wide entrance hall, polished floorboards extend straight through to the back, where a door leads directly on to the garden. To make the most of the spectacular view, the Khannas created a large seating area and paved terrace in front of the house. Above are a vast main bedroom and kids’ bedrooms, which open into a play room. Though the house is impressive in scale, their major goal was always to create a family-friendly interior. “We wanted the house to be uplifting and fun, but also comfortable and not too “full-on,” as Suruchi puts it.     – Anisha