Mini Ice Age Coming In Next 15 Years

Scientists are predicting that in 15 years, a "mini ice age" will bring extremely cold temperatures to Earth.

A study of the 11-year solar cycle patterns show activity such as sunspots could drop up to 60 percent in 2030, according to Northumbria University Professor Valentina Zharkova.

Professor Zharkova, in a presentation at the National Astronomy Meeting 2015 in Wales said, fluid movements within the Sun, believed to create 11-year cycles in the weather, will cancel each other out, triggering a dramatic temperature drop.
Maunder Minimum was the name given to the period between 1645 and 1715 when Europe and North America experienced very cold winters.
During that time, the Thames River in England reportedly froze over.
It was in 1843 that scientists first discovered that the sun’s activity can vary over a cycle of 10 to 12 years.

..... Devashree Goenka