Miley wants a baby


Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are back together and now things are pacing up so quickly between them that they are planning to start a family.  The actor and singer called off their engagement due to some clashes but decided to patch up things earlier this month.
“When Miley and Liam got engaged the first time their plan was to start having babies as soon as they got married, that obviously didn’t happen but now that they’re back together, starting a family is back on the table. They said they were going to move slowly but things are going very fast,” a source reveals to “They’re already practically living together and Miley has babies on mind. Miley wants the whole package, the wedding and after that a baby. She’s ready to prove to Liam that her crazy party days are over; she wants to be a mom. By the time her mom was 25 she had three kids and Miley’s always said, she wants to be a young mom too.”
All the Miley and Liam fans are excited to hear the news and they can’t wait for the wedding announcement. Well, it all seems like a fairytale ending but it is too soon to draw conclusion