Mexican style jalapeño relish-loaded chicken

Ingredients                                Qty

For the jalapeño relish:
chilli (chopped)                        50 gm
onion (chopped)                      25 gm
garlic (chopped)                      15 gm
olive oil                                    15 ml
clove                                        3 pcs.
bay leaf                                    2 leaves
vinegar                                    150 ml
sugar                                       100 gm
salt                                           20 gm
fennel seed                              20 gm
quail egg (boiled)                     1

For the chicken roulade:
chicken breast                           2
salt                                            to taste
black pepper                             to taste
olive oil                                     8 ml
french baguette                        2 slices
mesclun leaves                        120 gm


1.   Sauté the chopped onions, garlic, chilli and fennel seeds. Add sugar, salt, vinegar, bay leaf and clove. Simmer for 20 minutes until reduced. Set aside to cool.
2.   Flatten the chicken breast by pounding it. Marinate with salt, black pepper and olive oil.
3.   Stuff the jalapeño relish into the flattened chicken breast, and roll the chicken to form a 1” cylinder. 5. Wrap with aluminium foil and steam for 20 minutes. Set aside.
4.   Once cool, evenly slice the chicken roulade.
5.   Serve with mesclun leaves and buttered garlic toast.
6.   Garnish with olives and caper berries.