Merging Worlds

Manisha Kapoor talks with You & I
What is it that you do?
Apart from running the club, I’m associated with a lot of social work. I believe not in being part of the change, but in being the change. I’m also involved with designing in my husband’s work in leather manufacturing. The creative aspect of any field appeals to me. I’ve worked days and nights towards the desired aspirations, and today I can say that I’m satisfied with what I am doing.
Why did you start your own club?
I started @ Pink Club in 2011 with the objective of giving a platform to women to learn something new every month; to realise their dreams. My club works in the area of women’s empowerment.
How’s it coming along?
Today, Pink is the only socialite club in the city which supports women-oriented causes, and has shaped up to be an impactful organisation in realising today’s women’s dreams and aspirations.
Where do you see it going?
I see it at a very different level in a few years from now, with the club amalgamating a few national brands to support the causes related to women.
You’ve also joined politics. Tell us how that happened?
I got two state achievement awards, last year by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu for empowering women. That was the turning point of the party, when I was asked to join the Telugu Desam Party and work for social causes related to women.
Congratulations on that.
Thank you! Those were some of the happiest moments in my life. The entire thing came as a surprise, as I got a call from the party representative to come and take my awards – not just one, I was getting two! The second was for my personal achievement working for big causes and my contributions to society. I felt like I was on cloud nine, as they came as rewards for all my hard work and efforts.
How do you think we can get more people to get into social service?
In the process of wanting to be the change, I’ve also inspired people to be part of it by contributing a little bit to social causes via my events. Recently, we had a very successful event of Pink Ribbon, which involved people from the social circle walking for a cause and contributing towards saving a cancer patient. Events like these can encourage more people to contribute to social causes. I firmly believe that goodness sells.
A ladies club and extensive social work – they’re two very different fields. How do you manage both?
Pink was started to empower women; it was later that I realised the events I was doing could have a motive attached to them – a social cause for each event. That’s when I amalgamated both these things, and today I don’t see them as separate fields. Intelligently joined together, they inspire me to work more on every event my club does. The causes attached to events go from Pink Ribbon to free star hotel meals to excelling underprivileged kids.
Three things about you that people don’t know...
What people don’t know about me is that I’m a very spiritual and religious person, that I love designing clothes for myself, and that I soon plan to start an eponymous label of my own.      

-- as told to Anahita