Meet These Spirited Brothers!

They gave us 'Baby Doll', 'Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan', and many other dance anthems like 'High Heels'. You may be surprised to know that they are self-taught musicians. Hailing from a business family with no musical background whatsoever, they actually made their debut acting on the small screen. After their first song 'Jogi Singh Barnala Singh' became a hit, they slowly bid adieu to acting, and what followed was a high tide of success in music. In a no-holds-barred interview with Meet Bros, they talk of hits, brotherhood and making instant music in the age of instant coffee.

Manmeet Singh

What do you feel is the type of music that works today?
Manmeet: Earlier, music was all about melody, and lyrics that were poetry-like. Today we are living in a fast world-fast food, fast jobs, fast relationships and everything easy. Presently, music is also like that; people want everything served on a platter that is ready-to-consume. They do not have the time to listen to a song five times to check whether it will grow on them. They need something instant, like instant coffee. People are occupied with so many things during the day that to capture their attention is quite a task. The best part about us is that we never complicate music. We keep both the music and lyrics simple. If you listen to our songs twice, you will instantly take to them and sing along. That’s perhaps why we get the listener’s attention and become popular instantly.

What inspires you to create music?
Manmeet: We draw inspiration from the very process of making music. When we sit to jam, compose, play instruments, and sing; it’s fun. And that’s what inspires us.

What’s the main factor to become successful in the entertainment industry?
Manmeet: The real answer to this question is that there is no formula as such. It is only a blessing. Nobody can claim that he is going to be successful or will deliver a blockbuster hit,
as it is all in the hands of God. We never expected 'Baby Doll' to become the pride of our life; whereas we had high expectations on the title track of Boss, which did not turn out to be a hit like the former! All one can do is give his best. Only efforts are in your hands, not results.

How do you manage hectic days while working?
Manmeet: First and foremost, we do not work on Sundays. Secondly, we are not crazy workaholics, but very relaxed. We work only seven hours a day, as opposed to others who work upto 14 hours. This is because we believe that taking time out for ourselves and our families is crucial. We learnt this from our father, who was home by 6 pm every day and ensured that we vacationed frequently. We do not want to be working and earning all the time, as we do not want it to take away our lives from us.

Harmeet Singh

How do you divide work between the two of you? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being related and working together?
Harmeet: We both do everything together. From composing tunes, mixing, singing and production, to getting the lyrics right, it is a team effort. We work in such similar ways, that we can easily pass as replicas of each other. I can’t think of any disadvantages of being related. If anything, it is only a bucket full of benefits. As we are family, we bank on each other and there is nothing that we do not know about each other. Most importantly, we trust one another and we owe it to the clear and honest communication we always have.

What projects are you currently working on?
Harmeet: We are presently working on Munna Michael, Aankhein 2, and others that we cannot disclose yet. We will be releasing many singles too this year!

How does competition affect you?
Harmeet: We believe that the only competition anyone can have is with their own self. That is why we are always competing with ourselves every time we work on a new composition. If we make a good song today, we try to make a better one tomorrow. The competition is inside, not out.

Why do you use newcomers in your songs? How are they different from well-known artists?
Harmeet: Newcomers bring a streak of freshness with them. The audience is always looking for something new, and we are precisely giving that. Voice makes a great difference in songs. A tune will differ with different voices, because voice is as important as an instrument in a song. We did work with renowned artists as well in the past. As every renowned singer is known for a particular style of singing, it will only make our song sound like it was composed by someone else. Hence the preference for newcomers.       --- as told to Sumana