Mascarpone Blueberry Torte

Ingredients                                 Qty

For the base
biscuit crumbs                             200 gm
castor sugar                                30 gm
melted butter                               120 gm

For the filling
mascarpone                               375 gm
castor sugar                               250 gm
flour                                            50 gm
cream                                         50 gm
egg                                             5
vanilla essence                          10 ml

For the topping
egg yolk                                      3
sugar                                          60 gm
cream                                         250 gm
whipped cream                           350 gm
gelatin                                        25 gm
blueberry                                   100 gm
chocolate                                   50 gm
gold dust                                    a bit


1.   Mix biscuit crumbs, castor sugar and melted butter thoroughly. Put the mixture in a round cutter and gently press it down.

2.   To make the filling: mix castor sugar, mascarpone, eggs and cream. Add flour and vanilla essence and mix till smooth.

3.   Pour the filling into the round cutter, over the biscuit base. Bake at 180°C for 25 minutes. Set aside to cool.

4.   To make the topping: mix egg yolks, sugar and cream. Cook on double boiler make to make a sabayon.

5.   Melt the gelatin and mix into the sabayon. Cool the mixture, and add whipped cream and blueberry to it.

6.   Pour the topping over the mascarpone cake and refrigerate.

7.   Once set, decorate with chocolate and gold dust.