Marking the Moments - Pradeep Kolli

With a fascination for gadgets, Pradeep bought a camera almost incidentally and tried his hand at photography. Maybe it was instant connection; the art of taking good pictures came naturally to him. Ever since, there’s been no stopping this lensman. Having picked up the camera by chance, he’s now taking up projects through Rangde, a photography company that he founded with his friends. Meaning the spirit of life and its colours, Rangde set sail for a kaleidoscopic experience in this field.

Who or what has influenced you and your thinking, photography, and career path?
It wasn’t a particular photographer who inspired me. What influenced my aspiration to be a photographer are those pictures which held meaning and were motivating, irrespective of who clicked them – professional or amateur. It’s the eye for capturing the best that has always attracted me to photography. I love bringing moments to life. As far as the career goes, we at Rangde have invested lots in buying a wide range of equipment. To meet the costs, we began taking up shoots and it eventually became our career.

How do you choose your shooting locations or subjects?
A photographer is always on the lookout for a subject. Depending on the situation, I choose. It differs from events to streets, and landscapes to fashion. Ultimately, my goal is to capture a moment or a scene and turn it into a picture that is meaningful. Adding life and colour to that moment is my way of working.

Why do you specialise in wedding photography?
We undertake all types of photography, but wedding is where my heart lies. Weddings speak volumes about grandeur and magnificence. They are planned months in advance and huge amounts of money are spent on arrangements. Everyone is so prepared for the big day that the special moments and energy levels associated with the occasion draw a lot of attention. What can be more satisfying than to capture the bride and groom’s best moments on their special day? This day will be marked in their lives forever, so giving these moments back to them in a beautiful way is like gifting them something to cherish for a lifetime.

If not photography, what would you have chosen as a profession?
Rangde is our passion and we are dedicated to it. On the other hand, I hail from a business family which has had an establishment for over six decades. If not for Rangde, I would have been handling my family business.

What do you consider your best work so far?
Every work we undertake helps us thrive and reach new levels. Hence, I feel that our best works are yet to come, as we evolve with every assignment we take up. Nonetheless, we do have some favourites, too. One of them is Rakul Preet’s image that I shot. She liked that picture so much that a large-sized canvas of it still hangs on a wall at her house.

If you had to tweet something to your future self, what would it be?
Hmm...I would tweet saying “No matter how far you have reached and how successful you are, don’t lose the love for clicking pictures and bringing a smile on people’s faces with your work.”

Give us some tips on clicking good pictures on smartphones.
Everyone is a great photographer when it comes to smartphones! I would only suggest building patience, framing the perfect moment, and turning it into a beautiful picture.    -- as told to Sumana