Mantra to Success

Founded by Pankay Bhandari, an alumnus of Indian School of Business, Smart Creations is an innovative and contemporary manufacturing company that was established in 1998. Committed to delivering innovative and modern products and services, the company has, over the years, won the hearts of thousands of customers around the globe. Their flagship brand, Mantra is the retail division of the company that creates exclusive, elegant home décor products that evolve with the trends of the season.

Mantra’s products are modern, with a touch of tradition. The company specialises in bronze, copper, and brass as these metals give a space positive energy. Each product is exclusive and the brand customises products according to their client’s preferences too. Working closely with the client, architect, and interior designer, the brand builds products that tell a story.


Talking about how the company began, Pankaj said, “We began offering 24 karat gold plating services for premium hotels, luxury homes, and then creating ‘Golden temple architecture’ in 1998. After dealing with artisans and Government Handicraft emporiums, I fell in love with Indian bronze and metal handicrafts,” he said adding that his love for the handicraft got deeper after each time he visited temples for work. It was one instance though that is etched in Pankaj’s mind—when he was discussing with his artisan on how to impart training to newer people. His artisan had a profound message, he said, “Let us first stop people from getting in to non-handicraft businesses and then we shall also start training new artisans”. This, Pakaj says, was the first seed for Mantra. The store that was officially launched in 2014 was his idea of a mantra for steady cash flow, mantra for the reduced artisans, and mantra for bringing temples to home


Managing Director of the brand, Pankaj goes on to say, “I strongly believe that Indian art forms are created by understanding the principles of positive energy at home. The point I want to make is, the metal age which we talk in history books belonged to India. We were making beautiful use of copper and iron as metals. At the same time we were aware of the large Bauxite mines (aluminium) in India. But India never actually used this metal. Even today in temples we use only gold, silver, copper, bronze, and brass and no aluminium.

Each product at the Mantra stores talk to the guests; the staff are mere facilitators. “It is when this communication happens between the guest and our products that the guest connects with the brand,” he said adding that there are times when people walk in to the store, glance at the products and have a smile on their face. This, says Pankaj, gives him and his team happiness—knowing that people feel at peace when they see the products.    – Niharika