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Sandy is a well-known makeup artist in Hyderabad. Largely self-taught, he assisted Elton Fernandes on a few shoots and the Onirban movie I Am. Some of the famous faces he has made up include Lakshmi Manchu, Kajal Aggarwal, Priya Anand in English Vinglish, and Upasna Kamineni. He’s also Harshvardhan Rane’s hairstylist for his forthcoming movie.

Sandy has worked with several models on fashion shows – Carol Gracias, Tupur and Tapur Chatterjee, Aanchal, Ricky Chatterjee, Natasha Ramachandran, and Soni Kaur to name a few. In addition, he has done makeup for shows and shoots with Anand Kabra, Sabyasachi, Neeta Lulla, Karan Johar, Varun Bahl, Tarun Tahiliani, and Shantanu & Nikhil.
Today, he is the first choice for makeup and hair with several brides. This week, Sandy shares his tips on the current trends for bridal wear makeup and hairstyles with You & I.

Base: I use long-lasting, water-based foundations. Some of my clients have told me that their makeup has stayed in place until the morning, even though I do it in a way that it will stay intact for at least eight to ten hours.
Eyes: I don’t use too many colours when I do a bride’s eyes. That is in fact my signature style. I like to use a lot of gold, maroon, brown and black. I work with these colours in different combinations for eye shadow, too. If I’m contouring the eyelids, I use brown or maroon on the outside and black in the middle. This gives a very dramatic yet subtle effect. When I use eyeliner and mascara, I usually make it a point to use just these and no eye shadow (if the outfit and jewellery are heavy).

Sandy is a makeup artist in Hyderabad
I like to play more with the eyelashes and eyeliner when it comes to the reception, as it is often an evening function. I contour the eyes to look soft, without too much shiny eye shadow. I use a touch of powder that has a glow, a hint of bronzer, and dark shades of lipstick to complete the evening look for the bride.
Lips: I use a lot of brown and brownish-pink for lipstick. Though I like red and maroon, not everyone can carry it off. If the bride is confident, and if I think the colour looks good on her, I’ll use those. Otherwise, brown and nude shades work well.
Cheeks: I usually use peach and pink blush. But again, the right shade depends on the bride’s complexion and the colour of her outfit. Hair: Hairstyles vary by community as well as by the particular functions being held. South Indian brides like traditional braids as they have complementary jewellery that they like to wear in the hair.

give brides the red-carpet look
I personally prefer to keep a bride’s hairstyle comfortable, easy to maintain and stylish. This is because she needs to have her hands free and not have to fuss with her hair too much. Her hair should look classy, and even if the function lasts a long time, it should not get messy. The usual blow-dried, curled-out look is fine for a sit-down function, but not for a sangeet where there is a lot of movement and dancing.
These days, the one-sided braid is very in. And for sangeet and cocktail functions, a messy top-of-the-head look with a side braid works well. For Western wear and long gowns, I like to keep the hairstyle soft. Gentle waves and a side braid work best, or else a messy up-do with a few strands framing the face.
For the reception, I give brides the red-carpet look – hair neatly pulled away from the face, vintage hairstyle, and side-swept curls are easy to look after and go with all kinds of outfits, from a heavy, designer ghagra choli to an evening gown. Having said that, hairstyles differ from person to person. Often, the bride is very clear about the look she wants.

Sandy’s tips for long-lasting wedding makeup
Sandy’s tips for long-lasting wedding makeup
• Moisturise your skin every day, and keep it clean. Drink plenty of water, eat fresh fruits, and get a full night’s sleep, hard though it is during a wedding.
• Most brides these days follow some sort of beauty regime at least a month in advance, so just the basics work to give maximum effect with makeup.
• I use eye shadow primers to keep the shadow from getting ruined. These primers protect it from sweat and heat.
• A foundation primer does the same thing. Using one before applying the foundation ensures that it blends smoothly into the skin.
• I use concealer after I apply the foundation, though some people do it the other way round. Long-lasting concealers work best.
• Lock the makeup into the skin by using a spritzer to minimise the effects of sweat and humidity.
• Keep a packet of tissues or wet wipes handy to blot excess oil from your face and make your skin look less shiny.

..... as told to Anahita