Make-up Wonders - Ruby Bal

A banker turned make-up artist, Ruby is a true example of someone who’s followed her passion. She’s smart, talented, and always looking to improve her make-up skills and come up with new trends. This week, we caught up with her to find out what’s hot in make-up today.

How and when did you get into the make-up business?
I was previously a banker, and while on a sabbatical, thinking about what to do next with my life, I decided to pursue make-up. My friends had suggested that I get into styling or cooking, as I was good at both.

What inspired you to do what you do?
I get inspiration from so many different things: fashion, travel, history, different cultures, plants, and nature. Changing people’s look to suit their mood or the occasion is a fun job. I love colours and enjoy playing with different kinds of makeup tools and kits. The sheer joy of watching people glow with happiness after I’ve worked on them inspires me to continue in this profession. I make people feel positive and confident about themselves.

Have people become more aware of the changing trends in hair and make-up over the years?
Yes, and social media played a big role in this. In particular, media like YouTube and Instagram have taken off in a big way in the beauty industry; consumers reading a blog or a celebrity post about a product comes across as more authentic than a million-dollar ad campaign.

What is the current trend in hair and make-up that is doing the rounds?
The reign of no-makeup is officially over; It’s the season for bright red lips, electric blue or brown eyes, glitter and false lashes. It’s the time to experiment and be loud!

What’s your favourite look?
Less is more! Every face has its own element of beauty. All one needs is to enhance it.             

Who does your clientele consist of?
Mostly Tollywood actresses, models and brides. Apart from this I work on fashion shows, press photo-shoots, and TV commercials.

What’s the biggest fashion faux pas that people often make?
It’s important to factor in the occasion, time of day, place and, of course, your attire – shoes, bags, accessories – before deciding the colour of your lipstick or eye shadow. Anyone who has no sense of this can end up inappropriately dressed.

A simple example is going to a typical Indian wedding wearing a little black dress or denims. It’s just not done. Such faux pas can have unwanted implications.

What do you do when you’re not working?
Eat, sleep, watch movies, go through new lines of makeup products online, and continue working on improving my makeup skills and discovering new trends.

If not for this, what would you have chosen as an alternate profession?
I would have probably been an interior designer, as I love decorating spaces. On second thought, a biker would have been a good option too, as I love bikes and enjoy travelling.

And for the single most important question: What’s the one beauty product that every woman should never leave home without?
Invest in your mind, body and soul. Go for regular facials and nurture yourself with massages and, like they say, beauty sleep is a must for looking good. As far as products go, because of the weather and pollution, sunscreen is of utmost importance!    ---- as told to Niharika