Magic of Castor Oil for Naturally Thick Hair

Castor Oil is one of the most effective oils for the regrowth of naturally thick hair. Castor Oil or RicinusCommunis is extracted from the seeds of the castor bean plant. It is a very pale yellow sticky and thick liquid with mild odour. This property of Castor Oil makes it a humectant which means that it attracts and retains moisture of the skin and hair. Regular use of this oil helps in stimulating and increasing hair growth by reducing breakage of hair. It also acts as a conditioner and moisturiser for the hair and scalp.

Benefits of using castor oil on a regular basis:

1. It moisturizes your hair, inside out, making your hair darker and shinier.
2. It lubricates your hair by making it more supple and soft and helps protect hair from external factors like pollution.
3. It nourishes the scalp and stimulates hair growth.
4. It helps in conditioning the hair. You can avoid the use of hair conditioners by applying castor oil before a shower.
5. It soothes itchy scalp and helps to eradicate and prevent dandruff.