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An Architectural Marvel

Hidden somewhere in Telluride, Colorado, this jaw dropping home is one of the most incredible examples of contemporary architecture in the United States. The property blends seamlessly with the surrounding nature thanks to its clean lines and the raw materials its been built with, which give it a breathtaking look.

But this magnificent mansion is equally impressive inside, where minimalist cues and modern elements form a laid-back atmopshere. The future owners of this beauty will get to enjoy many entertainment spaces, six bedrooms, plus a state-of-the-art kitchen, and a wonderful dining room, where they could host various events; and with those serene mountain views, we’re sure everyone will be totally mesmerised by this property.

This stunning home also comes with an exercise room, fully equipped to give you a run for your money, and rest and relaxation have not been forgotten either, nor their importance; this is why your personal spa awaits you, complete with mood lighting and a massage table.

Each of the six bedrooms offer incredible views of the surroundings, while the eight full baths will surely prove in handy if you were to host a social event in your new home. For a little over $39 million, this might be the place you’ll call home in the near future – ready to move to Colorado?


Scent for the Urban Man

Bentley has always been one of the most successful automakers on the planet, but right now it seems the renowned British company plans to take over the fashion world two, teasing our senses with two new wonderful fragrances. The fresh composition has been created by renowned master perfumer Nathalie Lorson, thereby promosing to be a treat.

Called Bentley Momentum (Eau de Toilette) and Bentley Momentum Intense (Eau de Parfum), these new perfumes are considered the third ‘pillar’ in the brand’s lifestyle collection, and aim to be the perfect scents for the urban man – a trendsetter inspired by challenge, who’s always on the run, and knows how to appreciate every step of his journey through life.

Bentley Momentum’s bottle design was inspired by New York’s skyline, showing off a lovely rectangular and faceted look. Made of luxuriously heavy glass, the front and back are covered with silver brushed-metal plates, printed with the iconic “Flying B” Bentley logo. The rounded metal stopper was embossed with Bentley’s signature knurling, that’s also on display on the top and sides of the box.
The automaker is also offering a Bentley Momentum Hair and Body Shampoo for a more straightforward and luxurious approach to body and haircare.

Fascinating Filigree Tableware

Wiebke Meurer has a completely different and somewhat overwhelming opinion about elegance and class. The renowned German artist and jewellery designer has imagined something that could be easily described as ‘filigree madness’, a unique project which takes European inspiration and design cues to a completely new level.

The German artist has imagined an extraordinary tableware collection, with bowls, saucers, tea cups, and silverware made from ornate filigree, in the most eye catching way possible. Rest assured, you probably won’t be thinking about any delicious dishes right now, because we’re sure no one would ever use want to use this exquisite tableware for that.
Meurer has used her brilliant skills and vivid imagination to cut artistically into the gold and silver objects, resulting in stunning and elaborate designs. Stripped of all utility, these mesmerising utensils were converted into delicate works of art.

The German artist usually works with porcelain, precious metals, and other natural resources, but none can deny the hypnotic result of this project. Taking a close look at these exclusive pieces is free of charge, although the prices for these ornate beauties – still unknown – will probably get your bank account drained.

The Zero Sail  Yacht

Zero Sail, a unique 18-metre concept of a sailing catamaran allows 10 people to spend up to three weeks on the open sea. Using new technologies and a unique construction, this concept offers a highly sportive user experience while still being sustainable throughout its whole lifecycle. A charter yacht in its nature, this conceptual vessel could offer the same experience and feeling as competitive sailing.

Benefitting from alternative materials and an emission-free energy management system, Zero Sail has a holistic approach to sustainability. This innovative catamaran would be constructed on an aluminum space frame, that’s covered with high-tensile polycarbonate, with its helm stand placed in the front, right beneath the wing sail, to offer the skipper superior oversight.

The Zero Sail concept can remain at sea for two weeks at a time, thanks to fuel cells that charge buffer batteries. They produce electricity through a chemical reaction of oxygen in the air and stored hydrogen, with the only result being steam. Moreover, when sailing, the electric motors of this beauty can be used as generators that could also charge the batteries when needed.

The living area is located at the back, where a bright theme and stunning panoramas can be experienced. Mostly found in high-performance regattas, the rigid wing sail provides more lift and it would be apparently computer controlled and assisted, preventing critical situations like capsizing. A wave-piercer hull makes this catamaran even more stable in rough conditions, and it also helps it offer higher performances and thrills.