Living Among the Stars

Santosh Kumar lives in a duplex in Sindhi Colony, Secunderabad along with wife Siya and daughters Anika and Arrika, while his parents Vijay Kumar and Kavita live on the floor below him. Though the building is almost 40 years old, this portion of the house was built just eight years ago, when Santosh was still a bachelor. He manages and runs his family business, which includes a textile and clothing store in Srinivasa Textiles, a soft furnishings store in Starlet Furnishings, Paris de Salon, and several other interests. Siya looks into the management of Paris de Salon and is a full-time homemaker.
The house follows a modern and contemporary theme, and muted colours like off-white and brown have been used in most of the common areas. However, each bedroom has a theme of its own. The four-bedroom house uses Italian composite flooring in most areas and wooden flooring in the rest.

As you enter the house, a small passageway leads you to the drawing and dining room that features dark brown furniture and leather sofas. A wooden cabinet in this room hosts several interesting artefacts and souvenirs that were bought during the Kumars’ travels abroad. A lot of statues of the Buddha are used here as it as gives peace of mind. This area is used the most as it hosts a television set. Siya says, “We don’t have televisions in any of the bedrooms because that restricts the children to their rooms. We all sit together here to watch television and play with the kids.”
Anika and Arrika's Room 
The dining area that adjoins the drawing room features a table that seats eight. A contemporary glass-top table with a wooden base is complemented by white leather upholstered chairs. The open kitchen next to the dining table features a modular kitchenette, off-white and brown cabinets for storage and other modern equipments.
This floor also hosts the children’s bedroom, a guest bedroom and a puja room. The former is a unique, Disney-themed room that has wallpapers featuring characters like Snow White, Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, Princess Ariel, Rapunzel, Chhota Bheem and Chutki. A customised bunk bed with a slide and staircase to go up and down are adorable elements. The room is done up mainly in pink and white, though other colours from the rainbow are used, too. Santosh says, “This room was a surprise for my older daughter Anika’s birthday. It took us almost the months to build it, during which the children were not allowed in this area.”

It also has a study table where the girls draw and colour, and cupboards used for storing their numerous games and toys. Completely carpeted, the room has been designed as a play room for the children. Siya says, “Special attention was given to make the space safe for the children to run around and play. There are no sharp edges or easily breakable things here since the girls are always running around. Santosh and I spend a lot of time here indulging in playful activities with the children.”

Santosh Kumar's daughters Anika and Arrika

The puja room is a small and serene area that houses some portraits and idols of gods and goddesses. Santosh and the girls start their day here. The guest bedroom, which is also the second master bedroom, houses a king-sized bed that was made to order, wooden flooring, and an attached bathroom and dressing room. “All the furnishings are from our store while the furniture is specially customised,” says Santosh.
The staircase leads you to the upper floor that features a small library at the landing. Next to this is a small balcony where the dog, Alex, lives.”Alex is Anika’s dog, but since Arrika is still very young and has just learnt to walk around, it is not safe to keep the dog around her. However, we all play with Alex in this area,” says Siya. Another guest bedroom on this floor is where the children’s excess toys and soft toys are stored. This room is also used as the children’s bedroom, as it has an attached bathroom and dressing room that stores all their clothes and other belongings.
 Santosh Kumar lives in a duplex in Sindhi Colony, Secunderabad along with wife Siya and daughters Anika and Arrika
The master bedroom has thick, bulletproof glass above the bed, which allows them to look at the stars at night. Santosh says, “We call it a winter and monsoon bedroom, because it gets too sunny and hot in the summer but is perfect for a winter night or rainy evening.” A large, low wooden bed with a beige headrest and white and brown cupboards make for the furniture in the bedroom. The attached bathroom has a large Jacuzzi, two separate shower areas and state-of-the-art fittings.
A small family lounge opens out to the roof garden on this floor. The garden leads you to another level of the terrace, which is often used while entertaining guests. This terrace houses an open and covered dining area with a small pantry that is ideal for a small party. The cosy home of the Kumars defines practical living, and is the perfect space for them to raise two lovely daughters!     ..... Niharika