Lime Possets with Raspberries

Summer is here and we all love to indulge in some refreshing desserts. Here is a recipe of an easy dessert which can be made with just four ingredients. It takes just 3 minutes to cook and 10 minutes to prepare this dessert.

Lime Possets with Raspberries

Ingredients required:
1.    200 ml double cream
2.    4 tbsp caster sugar
3.    3 tbsp lime juice(3 limes) along with peeled outer layer of 1 lime
4.    Few raspberries

•    In small saucepan heat cream and sugar together until boiling. While stirring continuously boil for 2 ½ minutes.
•    Switch off the heat, add some lime juice along with the peeled outer layer of the lime.
•    Divide between all the glasses to be served
•    If your making ahead then chill overnight otherwise for atleast 2 hours until the dish sets.
Before serving the delicious dessert top it with raspberries and the remaining  lime zest

Not only is the dessert delicious but also healthy as the citrus nature of both lime and raspberries make it ideal for curing various skin ailments and medical problems.         
Recipe from:

-    Akhila kakarala
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