Sting’s New York City Penthouse For Sale

Sting’s New York City Penthouse For Sale

Picture this: you are standing on the terrace of a penthouse in Manhattan ove

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Modern Rustic Anuj and Suruchi Khanna Interior

Designer Suruchi Khanna and her husband Anuj Khanna have reconfigured their Delhi house to create flowing and calm spaces, brought alive by unexpected finishes and theatrical objects.

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Palace of Jasdan

The history behind the Jasdan state is as interesting as the glorious palace of the Jasdan family.

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When a cheerful family lands a dream duplex in a serene neighbourhood, interior designer Nishanth Chawda completes the fantasy.

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From Concept to Construction Mohammed Hyder Khan

Hyderabad-based Mohammed Hyder Khan has a vision and evinces a unique character, decisiveness and solid thinking.

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Umang Hutheesing A Splendid Abode

This dream space is home to costume collector and craft revivalist, Umang Hutheesing, who lovingly takes us through every nuance of the haveli.


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Maharani Radhikaraje Gaekwad Royal Abode

I was told that it is the most palatial private home in the world, four times the size of Buckingham Palace, and a magnificent yet slightly quirky example of the Indo-Saracenic School of Architecture, and also learnt that the maverick artist, Raja Ravi Varma lived here for many years, making this his atelier from which emerged some of his most iconic mythological

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A Fresh Approach Neetu Arora Interior

Delhi-based interior designer Neetu Arora conjures elegant, cutting-edge interiors for a Northwest Delhi bungalow.

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Flash of Brilliance

 The house is a product of the combined taste and vision of the Kadams and architect Nozer Wadia, and absolutely reflects the family’s joie de vivre.

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