Lieca C-Lux Camera Review

Adding style to their products is a hobby of the genius designers from Leica, and they did not shy away from doing the same to their long-zoom compact camera, the Leica C-Lux. A new compact camera which is versatile and mixes speed with intuitive handling, it has extremely impressive specs. Available in an elegant light gold or a stunning midnight blue colour, the Leica C-Lux will be available for purchase later in August. Packing an incredible Leica DC Vario-Elmar 8.8-132 mm f/3.3-6.4 ASPH zoom lens along with a 20 megapixel sensor that can shoot up to 10 frames per second, this camera will definitely come in handy when you’re on an adventure trip. This device will make sure to capture high-quality pictures no matter how far you are from the subject, delivering a crisp and clean picture quality. Boasting of face detection, fast auto-focus, and a high resolution of 2.33 megapixels, the C-Lux will make sure every vacation is captured perfectly. We can go on and on about the amazing features present in this stylish and small package, but why don’t you see for yourself? Get ready to shoot!