Lamb Dhansak

Ingredients                      Qty

lamb shanks                     550 gm
butternut squash               50 gm
toor, masoor & urad dals   100 gm
tomatoes                         100 gm
onion                               50 gm
chilli                                50 gm
ginger                              50 gm
salt                                 to taste
brinjal                              50 gm
potato                             50 gm
garlic                               50 gm

For ground spice
coriander seeds               10 tsp
cumin seeds                   10 tsp
black peppercorn             20 gm
fenugreek seeds              10 tsp
red chillies (dried)            10 gm
green cardamom              10 gm
tamarind juice                  20 ml
jaggery                           20 gm
turmeric powder               5 gm
coriander                        15 gm


1.   Crush the peppercorn with the cumin and cardamom seeds in a mixer. Set aside.

2.   Heat oil a large pan. Add onions and whole spice. Once the onion turns brown, add ginger-garlic paste and the spice powder. Cook for a few minutes.

3.   Add the lamb pieces and cook gently. Add the vegetables during this time.

4.   Once the lamb is tender, add tomatoes and cook well. Add jaggery and tamarind pulp, and finish with coriander leaves. Serves three.