Know how to get good sleep


Sleep. That elusive thing which is also the most important for any sort of healthy function. A study has found that people who fall asleep within 30 minutes or less and wake up no more than once at night qualify for several health benefits associated with good sleep, researchers have suggested.

Sleeping more time while in bed (at least 85 per cent of the total time) and being awake for 20 minutes or less after initially falling asleep are other key determinants of good quality sleep issued by the US non-profit National Sleep Foundation (NSF).

"Millions of Americans are sleep technology users. These devices provide a glimpse into one's sleep universe, which is otherwise unknown and provide consumers with the resources needed to understand their sleep," said Max Hirshkowitz, Chairman at NSF.

According to NSF's recent Sleep Health Index, as many as 27 per cent of people take longer than 30 minutes, on average, to fall asleep.

Sleep deprivation may result in impairment of judgement, depression, heart problems, obesity and drastic reduction in general well-being of an individual.

The report, published in the journal Sleep Health, also highlights areas where research is needed to identify and further delineate additional indicators of good sleep quality across age groups.