Kit Harington Has Been Spotted Near The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Set

Rumors about whether Kit Harington will return to “Game of Thrones” have been circling ever since his character, Jon Snow, was violently killed off in the Season 5 finale.
“Game of Thrones”’ director David Nutter confirmed that Snow’s dead, even telling a concerned US President Barack Obama that he’s dead. Harington himself has stated that Jon Snow is dead.
“Watchers on the Wall”, a fan site dedicated to the inner workings of the HBO fantasy epic, posted a photo of actor Kit Harington walking through the airport in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where GoT is shooting. As further evidence that a resurrection could be on the cards, he hasn’t cut his hair either, which he was contractually obliged to keep long during his stint on the HBO show.
Belfast is home to the "Game of Thrones" production offices, and a handful of the cast arrived there recently for the Season 6 table read. Everyone from Emilia Clarke to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has been spotted arriving for the script read-through.

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