Kelly Ripa Joins Riverdale Cast

Actress Kelly Ripa has joined her husband Mark Consuelos as a cast member on the popular CW drama series Riverdale. She will be seen playing his mistress, and the irony of the situation was not lost on her. Ripa took to her social media to joke about the turn of events,, writing, “I’m usually against his mistresses but this time I’ll take an exception.” The couple, while heading to shoot an episode together, decided to document their day. They each shared stories on their respective Instagram accounts. Consuelos also wrote about Ripa joining him on set saying, “Bring side piece to work day.”

Ripa later shared a short video of the two making awkward small talk to create sexual tension. They even shared some funny videos filled with sexual innuendos and people ate it up. Most of the watchers found it funny except two — Ripa and Consuelo’s two children, Michael, 21, and Lola, 17. Lola replied with a simple, “this has got to go.” Ripa added a little caption over the screenshot saying, “Proud daughter.” A while later Michael also joined in, writing “I agree with Lola.” Their mom jokingly optioned it, “I’m about to block my whole family.” Their third son, Joaquin, 15, did not have anything to add but we can only imagine his horrified reaction to his parent’s PDA.

-Rubaina Bilgrami
Picture Credits - Kelly Ripa Instagram