Keeping it Simple - Saqib Saleem

With his silver screen debut in 2011, Saqib Saleem has become a well accepted face in B-Town. Having shared screen space with versatile actors such as Salman Khan, Varun Dhawan, and John Abraham, the Race 3 actor has taken inspiration and learned from the best. When it comes to his fashion mantra, Saqib believes that your clothing must express your personality. Here, the actor gets candid about his career and love for fashion.

There is a constant pressure for actors to look stylish and different in every movie or at every event they attend, isn’t it?
No it’s not actually a pressure; I in fact personally enjoy it. When I was a kid, I used to style and gel my hair the night before for school the next day. So, I can say that I’ve always enjoyed playing dress up.

What keeps you motivated?
The fact that I have to become better with each day because there's so much talent around me and people are working very hard. I'm a very ambitious person and I really want to be the best version of myself. So, every morning I wake up thinking I am far from being the best, so that motivates me and keeps my hunger alive.

How important do you think fashion is as a medium of self-expression?
Well, I truly believe that your sense of style is an expression of your personality. I express myself by means of my dressing.

What is your personal style?
My personal style is keeping it really simple. If I am confused as to what to wear, then I just wear a white shirt and blue jeans as that is a combination that can never go wrong.

Who's your style icon?
When it comes to fashion, I think that there is nobody like Mr Bachchan. He has an immaculate sense of style.

What’s the best thing about being a part of Bollywood, according to you?
When I was a kid I used to believe that films are real stories and I wanted to be part of them. But when I grew up I realised that it was a myth. So being an actor, it gives me immense happiness to show stories and make others believe in my stories and characters.

Who’s your favourite fashion designer?
Varun Bahl!

Any plans of starting your own fashion brand in the future?
I really enjoy getting ready and wearing trendy clothes, so yes, there have been a lot of thoughts about it. I have a lot of designer friends whom I have conversations with, about this, but I think it's too early to discuss the same.

What's your greatest accomplishment?
My role in Bombay Talkies (2013).

Are you a director's actor or a spontaneous performer?
I am a bit of both. I always try to understand what my director wants to say, but I also like to add my own understanding of the character to the role I am playing. So, I think that it's an amalgamation of both. But my goal on the set is to make my director happy as he is my outlet to the audience, so if I can make him happy I can make the audience happy too.

What's next?
A couple of films that will be announced soon.

--- as told to Jaideep Pandey (Connect with him on Twitter: @PandeyJaideep) and on Instagram: @jdpjournalist)