Kacche Gosht ki Dum Biryani

Kacche Gosht ki Dum Biryani

Ingredients                         Qty

basmati rice                      400 gms    
mutton (cut)                      800 gms        
Part 1 (marination)
ginger and garlic paste        50 gms        
salt                                    5 gms        
red chilli powder                 15 gms        
turmeric                             5 gms        
refined oil                          20 ml
Part 2 (2nd marination)
shahi jeera                         5 gms
jeera powder                     10 gms    
coriander powder               10 gms        
refined oil                          20 ml        
garam masala powder        10 gms         

chopped coriander             50 gms        
chopped mint                   50 gms        
brown onion                     20 gms        
beaten curd                     100 gms
green chilli paste              15 gms
Part 3    
whole garam masala          10 gms      

 ginger garlic paste            10 gms
salt                                   to taste
green chillies                     4
chopped mint                   10 gms
chopped coriander            10 gms
potli masala                     10 gms
Part 4
ghee                                 50 ml    
saffron                               ½ gm
brown onion                        25 gm
chopped mint                      5 gms
chopped coriander               5 gms
whole wheat flour (for sealing)        100 gms   


Marinate the mutton with all the spices mentioned in part one and then keep aside for 90 minutes.

Make a dough base with the whole wheat flour and water, and keep aside.

Soak the rice in water for 20 minutes.

Take a lagan (brass vessel), in it make a mixture of spices mentioned in part two, and add the first marinated mutton.
In a vessel, boil around two litres of water. As it boils, add all the spices mentioned under part three.

Add the soaked rice in the boiling liquid.

As the rice is 30% cooked, take it out and start layering on the marinated mutton.

Top it up with all the spices under part four and seal the vessel with a lid lined with the whole wheat dough.

Put a heavy iron plate on the gas range and put the vessel on top on full flame until smoke comes out from the lid.

Reduce the flame and cook for 45 minutes. Then switch off the flame and let the vessel rest on the tawa (iron plate) for 15 minutes.

Garnish with some coriander and fried onions and serve hot.