Justin Bieber Storms Off Stage In UK

Justin is currently on a nationwide tour of the UK and Ireland after a residency at the London O2 as part of his Purpose World Tour.

The 22-year-old Canadian singer threw a tantrum at fans during the first of his three shows in Manchester on Thursday night, after being agitated with the screaming fans.

Justin told the crowd to stop screaming, but they didn't stop and even booed him. The "Cold Water" hitmaker then threw his microphone and walked off stage.  

Shortly after walking off, Justin, 22, returned to the stage and explained why he wanted the noise in the venue to be reduced.

"I’m not quite sure, you know, why you guys came tonight," the performer said in a video posted on social media.

"I hope it was to enjoy my company as well as me enjoying your company. You know, I want to connect with you.

"The point of the no screaming thing is, so that when I’m looking at you in the eyes, you can actually know that we’re having a moment and a connection.

"It’s not just me trying to be an a-------. It’s just me wanting to have a moment.

"Manchester you guys are awesome and I appreciate you.

"I’m just gonna quit talking, I’m not going to talk for the rest of the night, we’re just going to do the music because obviously Manchester just can’t handle it."

-Devashree Goenka