Jump Rope Like A Pro

The jump rope is a great cardio exercise. Not only does it help you burn a lot of calories, it also helps in improving your stamina and speed. Even though it is easy, it is important to know how to jump rope properly for a complete workout and to avoid permanent injuries. We bring to you 7 tips to ensure you learn to jump rope like a pro.

Jump on the balls of your feet
Try to jump up and down, softly, landing on the balls of your feet. Your heels must never touch the ground. This works out your calves.

Do not jump too high
To get into a proper rhythm, take small quick jumps rather than high ones. Relax and jump at a comfortable pace and do not worry if you trip up the rope.

Use your Wrists
Jumping rope is all in the wrists. The efficiency of jumping rope lies in the revolutions. If you are using your arms and shoulders, jumping rope becomes very difficult. Learn to use your wrists in a circular motion.

Use the Correct Rope Length
To know the right length of a jump rope for you, bisect the rope in the middle, equally, by standing on it. The handles should reach your sternum. Much higher or lower will only make jumping rope difficult and worsen your rhythm. Another pointer to check is that the jump rope should tick the ground each revolution, which makes it easier to count reps.

Hands Slightly Above Waistline
Your arms must be placed comfortably bent on your sides and just above the waist line. The position of your hand will depend on the length of the rope.

Get in a Rhythm
Get into a rhythm while jumping rope. Count the number of revolutions you can make in a minute, say approximately 150 reps in 60 seconds. Maintain a steady and comfortable pace suitable to you.

Practice, Practice, Practice
Practice makes a man perfect! Jump rope at least 3 to 4 times a week. Practice with care.


-Devashree Goenka