Irani Movietone: A new hope for Bollywood?

Boman Irani, who started his acting career in 2003 with the revolutionary, heartwarming Bollywood film Munnabhai M.B.B.S, and came to be known for his talent for playing comic roles and portraying the grey characters with justification, has moved on to setting up his own production house in Mumbai, India. Boman Irani, born in 1952, was a photographer before he took to acting for the stage and the screen. Boman Irani is also an in-demand voice artist. Recently, he launched his own production house Irani Movietone on 24th January 2019. He invited the revered Amitabh Bachchan and Hollywood writer Alexander Dinelaris Jr who is known for the 2014 oscar winning American black comedy Birdman. “It is important that we share someone of his craft, intelligence and simplicity here”, Boman beamed. When asked by a media person if he will quit his acting career altogether, Boman replied saying “I will always be an actor. It is just that I have found a new  craft — writing. Ever since I was a kid, I used to write, but I was writing badly.” Boman Irani has also written a script, and he even connected with Alexander Dinelaris Jr over a discussion regarding the art of writing for cinema. “Over the years, I decided to learn the craft by reading books and I met Alex in New York. He is like my brother. We discussed my script and he encouraged me. When I met alex, I learnt so much”. Boman hopes that the script he has produced can go on the floors soon. At the launch event, the three talented people emphasized on the underrated yet the quintessential part of filmmaking — which is of writing, besides marking the significance of the day. Amitabh Bachchan has worked with Boman Irani in the youth-oriented Lakshya, the family comedy Bhootnath Returns and the emotional family drama Waqt: The Race Against Time. Amitabh Bachchan spoke at the launch of Irani Movietone. He noted that it takes guts for an actor to start his own production house and gave his blessing to Boman while joining him to put an emphasis on the importance of good writing in cinema saying “There are very few among us who are actually brave enough to start something like this that Boman has. I congratulate Boman and to this wonderful company that he has launched. I always believed that a writer is the most important person of a project. They conceive the story, they write the screenplay. Writers conceive the artistes in terms of how they will speak, what they will wear, where they will go, how they will perform and what dialogue they will say..It is all done by a writer! It’s a great moment that Boman has recognized a very important aspect of filmmaking and I congratulate him for that. May this ever succeed and may this produce many more writers that we so desperately need.” Sharing his goals and aspirations in regards with the production house, Boman said “We are the ever-evolving industry and there is a lot that is changing in the cinema as we speak. I just want to make sure that the foundation on which this industry is built gets stronger every day. By inviting celebrated writer Alexander Dinelaris to launch my production house and making him share his experience with us is just a first step towards the big aim.” Following the launching ceremony and the press conference, Boman organised a day-long screen-writing workshop to be conducted by Alexander Dinelaris, instead of the usual after-party. Clearly, Boman is determined to achieve his goals seeing how he wants to waste no time in getting there. On his plans for which project he might launch first, he said “At the moment, we are putting our name out there. We have Alex to help young writers. The first production hopefully will be the one that I have written, but if something else comes up, then we will focus on that. The idea is to develop good stories and if they are on the page, we will have good cinema on-screen.” (~IANS)

Boman and Alexander scout for talented writers in India

-Kanchan Agarwal
Pic Credit: IANS