Introducing the Sleek Mauna Kea Yacht

The brilliant designers from Super Yachts Monaco have teamed up with Roberto Curtó of RC Designs to imagine the stunning Mauna Kea yacht concept, an eye catching 101-metre vessel that aims to satisfy anyone’s desire for global cruising, in utter comfort.

Key features include a stunning external central staircase that allows direct access from the helipad to the bow, and two stairs at the back which descend gracefully on the sides of a lovely water slide that splashes down into the pool. Even the masters from the Italian shipyard-Fincantieri Yachts-will get involved into this project, if there’s any buyer interested to turn this vision of perfection into reality.
Mario Grasso of Navirex has also worked hard on this concept, designing the preliminary naval architecture for it, while the team at Roberto Curtó’s design studio has imagined the incredible lines and curves before you. Details regarding this stunning project are scarce at the moment, but the future owners of this beauty may have their vessel completely personalised and custom made.

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