Illamasqua move against Anti-fascism pledge

Ever since Donald Trump has taken charge, there has been tremendous changes in the policies of minority communities like transgender, women and Muslims. A lot of popular figures are protesting by urging the president to take an action in order to safeguard the equality and freedom of all citizens. Recently a British beauty brand Illamasqua known for challenging traditional definition for beauty, took a stand against Donald Trump by asking its customers to sign an anti-fascism pledge. The brand believes in freedom of equality, expression and diversity. The beauty brand says to be part of their community, customers should sign the pledge before buying their products.

The pledge says-

•    Never discriminate based on gender, race, nationality, colour, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, ethnicity or religion.

•    Accept responsibility on challenging social and climate issues

•    Speak for those who cannot speak up for themselves

•    Uphold the principles of the S.O.P.H.I.E. charity to stamp out prejudice, intolerance and hatred.

Although Illamasqua knows very well that they cannot force their customers to stop buying their products if they do not sign the pledge, they instead are politely asking all their customers who do not agree with the pledge to stop buying their products. This is the first makeup brand whose sole purpose is not only to make profit but to support the minority communities. Illamasqua aims to raise 25,000 Euros for Sophie Lancaster foundation, which fights against intolerance, hatred and prejudice everywhere.

- Akhila kakarala, Pledge taken from:
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