I would love to do a Sufi number: Shivangi

Best known for her 2017 single ‘Again n Again’, singer and stage performer Shivangi Sharma is in the news again for her latest track which is a mashup of all-time hits ‘I Don’t Wanna’ and ‘Te Amo’. Previously, Shivangi was ranked 21 among the most influential youth icons in North and Central India. You & I gets candid with the young talent on her idea of music, career, and upcoming plans.

All your songs come with a new spirit, is it a conscious decision?
Yes, I really want to empower girls through my songs as well as my social work.

How challenging is it to make a mash-up song?
It was quite a challenging task because two songs should go well together first, and at the same time it should sound really interesting and different to the audience.

You gained weight for the album. How easy or difficult was it?
Putting on weight was an easy task, but when it comes to losing the fat, it takes a lot of effort. Also, I have a strong affinity for sweets and it’s even harder to control my sweet tooth.

Who’s your biggest inspiration in the music field?
I love Jennifer Lopez in every aspect, whether it comes to live performances or her dressing sense. I also love Sunidhi Chauhan; she’s extremely talented and I wish I could be at least 10% like her. They both inspire me a lot.

Any plans of becoming a playback singer?
Honestly, the stage is my first love and I want to make my identity as an independent music composer and singer. But if I do get an opportunity to sing for movies then I will definitely give it a try. However, I want to work with my favourite music directors only (laughs).

It’s almost a trend now to remake old songs. What’s your take on it?
Remakes give a new flavour to old songs, but it has to be made really sensibly, because it’s a big responsibility to play with a song that’s already a chartbuster.

Is acting on the cards too?
I did get some offers from the south industry and a few from Bollywood but as of now I am not too confident about my acting skills. So, let’s see if destiny takes me into it in the future.

What about Sufi music?
Well, my vocal trainer Miss Alpana Ghosh says that my vocal goes in goes well with Sufi songs and it sounds really good. So, yes I would definitely give it a try in one of my upcoming music videos.

What’s next?
A few shows abroad, and I’ll also be judging an international reality show soon.

--- as told to Jaideep Pandey (Connect with him on Twitter: @PandeyJaideep) on Instagram: @jdpjournalist)