I Will Never Watch Harry Potter And The Cursed Child In A Theatre: Daniel Radcliff

Daniel Radcliffe, who is the star of popular franchise Harry Potter, has revealed that he will never watch J.K. Rowling's sequel play Harry Potter And The Cursed Child in a theatre. The 29-year-old admitted to Seth Meyers when he appeared in Late Night With Seth Meyers that although he has himself featured in the play, he is not comfortable watching his own movies and plays in the theatres as he would be too worried and concerned that he was being watched.

He said: "I'm probably not going to, I don't have plans to, I think it would throw me into some sort of existential crisis. It would not be a relaxing evening at the theatre. I would feel like I was being watched for my reaction.

"And maybe that is completely conceited and egotistical and people wouldn't care, but I do feel if I was just surrounded by Harry Potter fans, it would be a little odd."

The actor took up the iconic role of Harry Potter when he was merely 11 years old, playing the character for ten years after. The movies were based on the fictional books penned by J.K. Rowling, which eventually spawned a multi-franchise movie series.

-Rubaina Bilgrami
Picture Credits – IANS