Hup Holland Hup

Shilpi Sharma is an acclaimed DJ and remixer famous throughout India for her work on several major hits. This week, we find out about her recent jaunt to Amsterdam on work... and for pleasure!
I chose Amsterdam as my vacation destination as it’s a hub for the best music in the world. There was a music festival going on at the time, where the world’s top DJs gather and showcase their talents. It was a must-visit place on my wish list.
I actually went by myself instead of with other people. I enjoy travelling alone, as one gets a chance to explore a bit more, meet new people and interact with them. I find there’s a sense of inner peace that only comes when I travel by myself.
Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht 
I stayed at the Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht, where all the top DJs in the world were residing. My itinerary was quite easy-going. During the day, I roamed the city visiting museums, taking strolls in the beautiful parks, and going on boat rides in the canal. In the evenings, I’d visit the music festival where I got a chance to personally meet all the top talent. The most memorable experience was when I got the chance to see Hardwell perform live. Those beats, that music, the madness... it was incredible!
The local culture of Amsterdam is very chill. There are two types of people: some like a relaxed lifestyle of cycling and boat rides, while others are music lovers who like visiting nightclubs and gigs. It was indeed a pleasure to be on both sides as I tried my hand at everything. I also had a taste of some local fare. My favourite was the limburgse vlaai, a pie filled with cherries or apricots.
An acclaimed DJ and remixer, Shilpi Sharma 
On the last day, I got the chance to meet my favourite DJ Ryan Marciano. I’m a big fan of his, so it was like a dream come true. I was so excited and jumping around like a kid. That was the most memorable experience I had there.
What struck me most about Amsterdam were its beauty, and the balance of serene and crazy lifestyles. People are so laidback and know how to enjoy life to the fullest, and that’s what makes this city even more amazing. It has become one of my favourite destinations. And of course, I would recommend all music lovers to visit Amsterdam at least once. It is pure beauty filled with incredible music and beautiful people.
Unfortunately when I visited the Anne Frank House, there was a very long queue. And because I was running short of time, I just couldn’t get around to that. If I ever go back, I surely want to visit there.
Other points of interest in Amsterdam include:
Anne Frank House 
• Museum Square: home to the national museum of the Netherlands (Rijksmuseum), the Van Gogh Museum, and Stedelijk Museum
• Vondelpark: 47 hectares of urban greenery and serenity in the heart of the capital, including water bodies and sports facilities
• The Heineken Experience: a tour and look into the brewery that produces one of the most popular beers in the world
• Singel: a canal popular with tourists and locals alike, ideal for boat rides and evening strolls along the waterfront
• Paradiso: a rock music venue and cultural centre in the heart of the city, which is usually hosts to major concerts and events