How to select a residence that ensures good quality living for seniors

Happiness is in being Independent

With age comes a certain sense of maturity, wisdom and a deeper understanding towards one's living arrangement. The desire to continue living life on one’s own terms and conditions is only natural. Accordingly, if you decide to choose a hassle free lifestyle at a senior residential community to spend the later phase of life it truly can be one of the best decisions.

Before embarking on the journey to discover the perfect senior living community for themselves and their partner, there are a number of practical inquiries that one needs to find out. Some of them are listed as below:

Effortless medical consultation

As a person advances in age, he or she may require specialized care and attention. Some may require direct supervision of a health care professional or a dedicated personal nutritionist. Before selecting a senior accommodation for self, it is therefore important to consider how effortlessly one will be able to establish communication or consultation with the medical advice and help at the community best suited for their needs

Design and architecture

A senior living home must be wisely structured and designed according to the needs of an elderly person. It must have a home like setting with all the amenities that will ensure good quality of living for seniors. The lighting should be soothing. The bath area must have anti-slip tiles with handle bars at requisite nooks and corners.  Pleasant and picturesque views from the widow of your home or room will also be an added advantage.

Amicable and friendly environment

Gauge the environment of your potential home by asking yourself these questions. Are the people friendly? Is the staff amicable and helpful? Do you see yourself living there? Are you getting a good vibe from the place? Find out about other residents to meet and connect likeminded people to make you feel comfortable at all times.

Scope for recreational activities

A senior community that promises an active social life should be on top of the list. An engaged mind is a happy one, and an active body is a healthy one. Look for a senior home that offers plentiful opportunities for one to indulge in such as gymnasium, swimming, travelling etc. Such a place will infuse a sense of belongingness, an assurance of being a part of something. It also gives one a sense of achievement which is essential for both physical and emotional wellness.

An Intellectually stimulating environment

While comfort is an important consideration for selecting a residential facility for senior members, equally important deliberation is the presence of an intellectually stimulating environment. It’s never too late to learn and imbibe knowledge, and some can pick up their reading habit leisurely in their senior years for now they have the time to engage in their old hobbies. Sophistication and luxury are two irreplaceable attributes that define the level of well-being a senior community provides to its residents, but equally important is the presence of a well stocked library, reading corner, hobby centres and club activities.

Free and liberating environment

Most assisted homes have a 24*7 staff to assist the residents with day to day task ensuring a free and liberating environment. Once one has reached the stage where the cloak of responsibility can be shed, and the steering handed over to the next generation, one desires to spend the years of their lives hassle-free. This is the time to sit back and enjoy everything that we have been blessed with.

If a relaxed, pleasant and memorable stay is your chief focus, Antarta Senior Living home is your abode.  The place offers all the amenities and expectations that you would expect from a resident community. Age shouldn't be treated as anything more than a mere number. With hearts full of dreams yet unfulfilled, aspirations and joy lying spread out like a vast ocean, glimmering in the light of opportunities, there is a plethora of reasons to make merry and fill oneself with happiness.

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