How To Look Beautiful On Your Wedding Day

A wedding is an occasion of celebration for everyone. But no one worries and stresses more about it than the bride! The big day for every bride comes with a lot of tension, since she’ll invariably worry about everything from her clothes and jewellery to the guests and the seating arrangement. But of greatest concern is how she looks, since the bride is the centre of attraction on the wedding day. It’s hard to not let all the stress show on this most special of days. Despite the sleepless nights and nail-biting stress she has to go through, no girl can afford to look anything less than stunning on her big day. And this is where makeup comes to the rescue! Nothing like some good old concealer to hide those dark circles and a hint of rouge to add that bridal blush, even if you’re worrying about navigating the seven pheras around the fire!

Roshan Jahan, senior hair styling and makeup artist from Paris de Salon, shows us how to turn model Tanya Pradhan from pretty girl next door into a blushing bride ready to be front and centre. Roshan takes us through the entire process, from start to finish, and gives loads of tips on how to look your best on your wedding day. The look she has chosen is that of a simple, traditional Hindu bride, and the colours are selected based on the bride’s saree.

Wedding makeup

To start off, the skin is cleansed and then an ice cube is rubbed all over the face. This is to cool the skin so that it holds the makeup better. Then Roshan uses a concealer to cover the tiny marks and dark circles on Tanya’s face. The ideal concealer is one shade lighter than the skin tone, and it is dotted onto the face and gently smudged with the fingers. Next is the base, which is chosen to match the skin tone exactly. The base is spread evenly on the face using a sponge dipped in ice water. Loose, compact powder is brushed across her face and neck to settle the base and even out the complexion. A fine mist of water is sprayed, finally, to allow the powder to settle on the face and to ensure that the makeup does not look patchy. This finishes the basic foundation for the skin.

Next, Roshan starts work on Tanya’s eyes. She uses an eyebrow pencil to darken Tanya’s brows to give her a slightly bolder look. Eye base is applied on the eyelids to hold the eye shadow colour better and to make it last longer. To go with her red, gold and green saree, Roshan chooses a reddish-pink eye shadow and adds some gold shimmer for effect. Dark green eyeliner on her lids adds a touch of smokiness to Tanya’s eyes, and some black eyeliner completes the effect. Mascara lengthens the lashes and this finishes the eye makeup.
For the lips, Roshan picked a darker shade of pink that matched the saree and coordinated with the complete look. She started off with a lip liner and filled in the colour with a lipstick brush. Then she used some clear gloss to add a bit of shine to the lips. A useful tip she shares with us is to use a cotton earbud to gently wipe off excess colour from the corners of the lips without smudging the applied colour.

Wedding makeup

Some blusher, in a light pink, is brushed over her cheeks and the makeup is done! A simple half-updo for the hair, with a puff in the front, and Tanya’s bridal makeup is complete! She went from a pretty face to a gorgeous bride in these few simple steps, all thanks to the magic makeup wand!   

   - Elizabeth