Honey Singh Scares Away Wild Boars In Nainital!

According to a report by The Times Of India, wild boars have become such a problem in Uttarakhand, that the government has declared them a pest and allowed people to hunt them down.
Farmers on their own gave it a try to shoo away the wild boars by playing Honey Singh songs. A 48-year-old farmer at Dhari village of Nanital district came up with a brainwave, and installed loudspeakers to protect his potato crop. “I used to hear from elders in the house that wild animals avoid places where there is a human habitat,” he said in a Times Of India interview. “I though of playing music to let them know of human presence. And it has worked,” he said.
Soon, this idea spread in the surrounding villages and several loudspeakers were installed. In fact, farmers from neighbouring village have actually thanked Jantwal for sharing the idea.

Talk about bizarre!
- Devashree Goenka