Hilarious Heroines

Here are nine shows with funny females that more than give their male counterparts a run for their money. Read on to appreciate the reigning queens of comedy and their hysterical on-screen counterparts, in no particular order.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
The Emmy nominated series shows woman that has been been held captive since the 80s, re-emerging confused and out of place in a modern world. Ellie Kemper is brilliant in Kimmy’s childlike confusion, Jane Krakowski plays her irritating rich boss, Carol Kane as her nutty landlord Lillian and the show’s producer, undisputed comedic legend Tina Fey, often guest stars as well. Aside from the ladies, Titus Burgess shines as Kimmy’s roommate with Broadway dreams.

The Mindy Project
Centring an NYC doctor endeavouring to develop a well-rounded personality as she tries to bring her romantic life on track with the help of her offbeat co-workers. Mindy Kaling is amazingly hilarious as the frustrated medical practitioner; as she stumbles from romantic disaster to another, she is very clearly the sole focus of a show (no hope of the rest of the brilliant cast being regarded an ensemble) but this is not a negative point in the show’s rating: Mindy is great as a comedian, an actress and as her own ditzy self.

Fresh Off the Boat
Here, a Chinese family tries to fit into racially non-diverse Orlando in the 1980s. Constance Wu stars as the hysterical Jessica Huang, the stereotyped 80s housewife that tries to corral her three boys, push her husband off to work and manage her incorrigible mother-in-law. Her antics as an Asian trying to fit herself and her family into a clique of posh suburban Americans are uproarious enough to warrant watching the show just for her.

This show’s premise is an African-American family navigates life in a wealthy LA neighbourhood. Tracee Ellis Ross is great as another zany mom, but she isn't the only jewel in this sitcom’s crown. You can revel in YaraShahid’s awesome portrayal of a sassy teen and Marsai Martin’s diabolical middle-schooler; Jennifer Lewis in her Critics’ Choice-winning guest stint as a cranky mother-in-law is just as watchable purely for laughs- and isn't that the only criteria to get on this list?

Parks and Recreation
In this  pinnacle of a comedy show, a small-town bureaucrat attempts to liven up the dead-end municipality she’s in charge of. Again, a shoo-in comedic queen, Amy Poehler, is a vision as perennially perky Leslie Knope, flanked by ACA nominee Aubrey Plaza as the darkly humorous April Ludgate. A defining show of its genre; Parks and Rec is- like any other TV show-a laughable riot only as brilliant as its cast, these scintillating comediennes.

Modern Family
Three families- all related to one another- sail through the obstacle of their ditzy daily lives on this hysterical family serial. Each member of the phenomenal ensemble cast is funnier than the next; but for the purposes of our article let’s talk about the quick-witted ladies. Sofia Vergara plays the exotically ludicrous woman married to the father of stringent Claire (Julie Bowen), who in turn has three kids- amongst them Sarah Hyland’s giddy adolescent and Ariel Winter as a dorky younger sister. Sharp, well-written and well-timed pieces of wit, well-delivered, make this a revolution.

Brooklyn Nine Nine
The wacky cops of Brooklyn’s 99th precinct deal with an uptight new captain in this sensational comedy with an epic ensemble cast. What makes this great are the diverging character personalities that exploit the failings of a police system- Stephanie Beatriz as the macabre, daunting detective working alongside the exacting, righteous character played by Melissa Fumero and perhaps the show’s breakout character, Chelsea Peretti as a narcissistic civilian assistant.

Inside Amy Schumer
Comedienne Amy Schumer stars in jocular sketches, vignettes, stand-up clips and interviews. Amy Schumer has garnered serious acclaim with the show’s provocative material “in stark contrast” to her wholesome good looks. The groundbreaking series navigates funny moments ridiculing everyday sexism and the challenges of being a woman with a trademark faux-flippancy provoking reactions as well as truth, acerbic and light all at once.

A familiar premise of four friends in their early 20s finding out who they want to be in the middle of NYC.
It’s very name might have earned it a spot on this list, but its stellar humour is reason enough to watch this more serious but hilarious show. Lena Dunham is a deliciously amoral, an anti-heroine to relish, and accompanied by the talented Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke and Zoysia Mamet this is a show with just enough drama and more than enough hilarity.

The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon Cooper might be the best-known character on this show about a group of eccentric, unworldly nerds that are forced to mingle with the outside world, but you’ve got to give props to the literal girl-next-door, Penny, who moves into the flat opposite the geniuses Sheldon and Leonard. She’s more socially aware and sensible than the others, yet amusing in her own messy ways-KaleyCuoco has been nominated for countless awards for this side-splitting performance that broke the mold for women in comedy.

-Devanshika Bajpai