Herb-crusted Salmon with Mango & Pineapple salsa and couscous salad

Ingredients                                Qty

fish fillet                         2 of 90 gm each

For the marinade
salt                                              5 gm
pepper                                        5 gm
olive oil                                         10 ml
chilli flakes                                    2 gm
parsley (finely chopped)              15 gm
chives (finely chopped)               15 gm
lemon juice                                  10 ml
cilantro                                         5 gm
Dijon mustard                              5 gm

For the salsa
mango (brunoise)                        15 gm
pineapple (brunoise)                    15 gm

For the salad
couscous (soaked and cooked)     50 gm
salt                                                   5 gm
black pepper (powdered)                 2 gm
red bell pepper (chopped)              10 gm
parsley                                            5 gm


1.   Marinate the salmon in lemon juice, salt, pepper and Dijon mustard. Set aside for a few minutes,
      and grill on both sides.
2.   Coat with freshly chopped herbs and bake at 110°C for 15 minutes.
3.   Mix the brunoise of mango and pineapple. Set aside.
4.   Mix all the ingredients of the salad and mix well.
5.   Plate the fish, salsa and salad as desired.
6.   Garnish with broccoli, lemon wedges and yellow bell pepper.