Help Through Healing

Just what is Pranic Healing?
It is the process of healing ailments in the body through prana (energy). Everybody has chakras; through Pranic Healing, like Reiki and yoga, we try to balance the energy of each chakra. It was created by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui to heal ailments in the body by manipulating the person’s energy field.
Pranic Healing is all about working with the energy all around us. We’re channels that direct its flow into the right path. We channel and normalise cosmic energy towards someone who needs to cleanse and energise their chakras. For a person to be physically, mentally and emotionally strong, their chakras need to be balanced. It’s when the balance of an individual goes haywire that she starts having problems.
How did you get into this?
It was about 20 years ago that my son was in tenth grade and I had to quit my job to help him with his studies. About two weeks after I quit, I heard about a class being held. I happened to attend that two-day workshop, a basic course, and found it very interesting.

Pranic Healing is all about working with the energy all around us
I started healing because it excited me, but I obviously didn’t have any patients. I’d work on my watchman, dhobi, maids and helpers. They were happy to be cured of minor ailments, and I was happy to get practice. This went on until I heard about an advanced, three-day workshop. It was during that time that I got friendly with a teacher who stayed with me, explaining the importance of taking money in exchange for healing.

My life changed when a man came to my house one day. He had woken up one morning – blind. I don’t even know who told him about me, but he landed up at my doorstep for help. Since I was an amateur, I recommended him to my seniors, but he insisted on being healed by me. Miraculously, after three weeks of sessions, he got his eyesight back.
You mentioned the importance of give and take.
Yes, there has to be an exchange of energy. It cannot be one-way. This is a different science, one that many people don’t believe in; unless I say I’m charging them, they think I’m playing the fool. Most of our earnings go towards food for the hungry. We only keep a minimal amount for ourselves.
What kinds of ailments have you healed?
Every ailment has a cure. I’ve treated people for migraines, fractures, depression, cancer, fear, anxiety and stress.  
Have there been times when you were unsure of finding a cure?
Never! It might take a little longer in some cases, but there always is a cure for everything.
How long does a session usually last, and what does it usually consist of?
It’s about 30 to 40 minutes long. When a patient enters, we make him feel comfortable and hear him out. Then, we scan his aura to find out if there are other problems. Next comes the cleansing of the aura, after which we go to the problem area, and cleanse that and any parts related to it. After that’s done, we energise and seal it to prevent energy from leaking.
You’ve been doing this for the last two decades. What difference have you seen in people and their problems?
When I started, people used to come to me for serious physical problems. Nowadays, people come more for emotional and mental issues. I have a lot of children and youngsters who come to me for stress and studies. People are more stressed out these days than they were 20 years ago.

Pranic Healing Prayer
Are some cases more challenging than others?
The more complicated the case is, the more interesting it is for me. Ailments like migraines are easy to cure – two sessions and we know they’ll be fine. If it’s emotional or physiological, it’s challenging to get someone out of a situation they cannot solve on their own.
How do you go about treating a patient?
We can use our hands, but I prefer using a crystal. A crystal works faster and obeys our commands, making our work easier. A crystal is like our slave; it listens to our commands. It reflects light, channelling energy through its reflection and refraction. An ideal crystal has one pointed side that takes out all the blocked energy and congestion.
Does everyone who comes to you have faith in Pranic Healing?
No, not really. When people hear others talk about how they got cured, they want to believe it. I do get a lot of people who come only to see what the fuss is about. It’s when they start feeling better that they start believing.
How does it feel to help relieve people of their pain?
It’s a very fulfilling thing to see people walk out happy. People are satisfied because they see instant results. I have those who walk in limping and walk out absolutely fine. My family, friends and even my servants are quite healthy, thanks to this.

..... as told to Anahita