The Heartless Iron Man

The Marvel fandom recently proved that they are still paying extremely close attention to details and will never hesitate to point a finger right where their loyalty lies. A couple of Reddit users shared the news on Marvel’s major goof up on their home video box sets.

The first post showed that the logos on the box set of the three Avengers movies were messed up. On the cover, the logo of the first movie has been exchanged with that of the third movie. You might think that this is not a very glaring mistake but wait to you hear the second one.  In another post, a fan noticed that yet another UK cover for the first Avengers film, titled Avengers Assemble has actually completely removed iron Man’s arc reactor!

“Jesus did everyone at Marvel take the day off,” one fan had commented, while another expressed his distaste for the obvious mistake in his comment, “It looks like it was made in Photoshop in under 10 minutes.”

While mistakes like these are can definitely tick a fan off, the Marvel fandom feels too much of a connection to the characters and the plot line and can hence forgive the comic giant of slip ups like these, although we hope for them to never recur. Marvel’s next two films are Captain Marvel, due to release in March, and the much anticipated Avengers 4, whose title will hopefully be revealed by the end of the year according to Marvel chief Kevin Feige.     -Tanya Francis