At the Heart of Eid - 5

Coming from the Nizam and Paigah bloodlines, Eid is a royal affair at our house. We celebrate it with great joy and fervour as it marks the end of our fasting period, and it truly is one of the most important festivals for Muslims around the world.

On Eid, we wake up early. The men go to mosque for namaz while the women clean the house. We all dress in new clothes and eat special biryani and sheer khorma made by our chef. Close friends and family visit to meet and greet us, and Eidi is given to all the children who come home.

On Chand Raat, we do some last-minute shopping to purchase new clothes and decorations for the house, such as bedspreads and accessories. We offer Zakat, an act of selflessness that helps the poor and needy, bringing joy to those who give. It is a principle that transcends religion and represents fundamental human compassion.