Halfway House

Nestled in the heart of Kailash Colony like a pool of serenity, Halfway House Café and Lounge is a haven in the city of New Delhi, where food is pursued with religious passion.

With a strong belief in constant reinvention, Halfway House has revamped its décor and menu, livening up the place with touches of glamour and panache. A careful eye on detail means the café looks chic and provides patrons with facilities such as Wi-Fi (accessible both inside the plush café and on the spacious deck).

Halfway House is the ideal place to spend a relaxed afternoon or a beautiful evening, away from the hectic pace of Delhi. Their fare is an eclectic mix of European and Continental delicacies – dedicated chefs whip up dishes by drawing on numerous influences, with an emphasis on southwestern U.S. ingredients.

Their tantalising menu includes dishes like PoPo’s Parmesan Crusted Sole, Rosemary Lamb, Kicky’s Piri Piri, and Drunken Penne. With a myriad of drinks to choose from, ranging from lattes and coffees to tipple from the amply stocked bar, nobody leaves Halfway House disappointed. With menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s the perfect place anytime, all year round.

The music changes every day, in sync with their philosophy that change is the only constant. As proprietor Ansh Srivastav mused about his brainchild, “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

He adds, “One cannot deny that Delhi is the capital of the foodies. People are always looking for places to relax and unwind from their mundane routines. There couldn’t have been a better opportunity than to open a place in the heart of the city, in Kailash Colony.”    
  – Anahita