Gym Free Workouts

Workout can be boring and monotonous at times.  Going to the gym and following the same routine can turn you lousy. So, here are a few exciting and fun ways of working-out.
Dancing: Register yourself in any dance class because dancing is one of the best ways to get rid of your extra pounds. Let it be Salsa, belly dance or Zumba any of them will work wonders for you. Well then, put on your dancing shoes and sweat it out.
Sports: If you are a sports lover and that’ll keep you out of your couch then nothing like it. Sports like, swimming, cycling, and cricket will help you become lean and fit.
Hike: Hiking can be the best outdoor workout; going for a hike with your friends can be exciting and motivating enough for you to reach the end point.
Yoga: Yoga in the early morning will keep you refreshed and stress-free throughout the day. This will prove to be the best form of workout for you, that too, in the comfort of your home.

..... Sneha Reddy