Grounded Beauty - Deepika Padukone

The newly appointed global brand ambassador for L’Oréal Paris, Deepika Padukone, recently unveiled the Cannes Collection 2017 and walked the red carpet at The Cannes Film Festival last month along with international co-ambassadors Julianne Moore and Susan Sarandon. During a video chat with media, she spoke about how Indian stars are perceived abroad amongst other topics. Read on...

How are Indian stars perceived abroad?
I think internationally the perception of Indian cinema is about colour, culture, song, dance, and that grandeur and scale. For people, it is still about larger than life characters. Having said that, there are movie lovers who are well versed with our cinema.

I was talking to Susan Sarandon and she was telling me that her son is making a film where he picked up the dance element from Indian films and incorporated it.
So you know, that’s the perception.  Yes, I know that our movie is beyond song-dance, saga but I think there is a lot to do with educating international audiences about our cinema.

Did you feel any pressure while attending the Cannes Film Festival?
I did not feel pressurised to be there; it was more about connecting with the people well, for me. And luckily I got a very warm welcome from Julianne Moore and Susan Sarandon, and of course the fans too.

How was it to be meeting stalwarts like Julianne Moore and Susan Sarandon?
You know when we met, yes there was a film star in us, but we were connected as women. We bonded really well, we chatted, giggled, and had a really good time. I will cherish that for life.

You are often mistaken for Priyanka Chopra by international journalists. What’s your take on this?
To me it’s racist and ignorant. Just because people have similar skin tones doesn’t mean they are the same person.

After receiving a great response for your Hollywood debut film,  xXx Return of Xander Cage, will we get to see you in another Hollywood movie soon?
Nothing happening in Hollywood as yet. I will let you know for sure when there is something, but yes, a lot of films coming my way and I’m happy.

You are among the top stars in current times. Does the ‘superstar’ tag make you proud?
I don’t feel proud at all. Yes, it does feel good but it also means I must focus more on my work.

What keeps you grounded?
I’ve always believed that success is temporary. So enjoy it until it lasts. It’s me today; it will be someone else tomorrow. That’s how this business works. One needs to stay balanced. If you enjoy your work, the rest happens on its own.