Grecian Wonders

Although the country is currently caught in the middle of an unfortunate economic crisis, Greece has long been at the top of many a traveller’s list. One such group that wasted no time in visiting the country was Akhila Kakarala and her family.You & I learns more about their journey and the time they explored the crystal clear coastlines, ruins from another time, and the dynamic Grecian culture.
Greece is a truly magnificent holiday destination, with its islands, food, people, language, and so much more. To me, the way these elements were put together make the place unique and worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. I was fortunate enough to visit this beautiful country with my family last year. With its economic reputation at stake, Greece is now one of the world’s top travel destinations, but more so due to its phenomenal history and breath-taking islands.

Mykonos- explore-greece

My family and I visited the country for 10 days, beginning our Grecian tour with Mykonos. According to mythology, Mykonos was formed from the petrified bodies of giants killed by Hercules. While exploring the beautiful island by the Aegean Sea, I discovered that the island was named after the grandson of Apollo, ‘Mykonos’. Our first stop was Zinas Villas, which is located in Kastro, a small village in Mykonos known for its magnificent coastal scenery.

Since it was a small locale there was nothing much to explore, yet there was plenty of natural beauty to take in. Even though there was very little to see in Mykonos, just staying in one of the Zinas Villas was truly a treat. Enveloped within the rocky coastal scenery of Kastro the lavish villas introduced us to a fantasy world filled with an endless expanse of crystal blue water and clear skies that perfectly matched the sea.

Our next stop was another famous island known as Santorini. For those who love travelling, Santorini has got to be on your list. The highlight of our visit to one of the most recognised destinations in Greece was being able to stay at the extravagant villas of Grand Canava in Oia, a small town located in the northern part of Santorini. A suggestion I would make to those planning on visiting this gorgeous island is to not to miss the famous sunset.


What made the small towns around the island so unique were the whitewashed houses. Apart from being enthralled by the overall beauty of the islands, I also discovered the reason behind choosing this particular shade for the whitewashed houses. They are painted white to reflect the heat, which keeps the houses insulated and protects its residents from the harsh summer sun. It also serves as a disinfectant due to its oxidising qualities.

After watching the sunset from the Amoudi Bay, we took a leisurely stroll through the nearby towns of Fira and Imerovigli, and then relaxed on the pristine beach. People who love to experiment with different cuisines should definitely try out Mezzo; it’s one of the best restaurants in Imerovigli that serves delicious seafood and provides a breath-taking view of the sea.


After three days in Santorini, we headed to Athens. The capital of Greece and a treasure trove of history, Athens is one of the world’s oldest cities. Despite the variety of sights and experiences that Athens has to offer, tourists here were advised to remain cautious about their belongings at all times. While most parts of Athens deal with the economic crisis and the rise of crime, which has unfortunately impacted the tourism industry, there is no way to keep a lover of history and culture away from this city. Bustling with energy, with a collection of museums and a rich cuisine to choose from, Athens continues to transform and grow despite its current predicament. Of course, the trip was certainly worth taking. For those who enjoy the many wonders of nature, I would highly recommend visiting Mykonos and Santorini.   – Akhila Kakarala