Grand Prix Parabolica Turntables

Colorado-based brand Grand Prix Audio has come up with the Parabolica, a stunning belt-driven turntable that was recently introduced at the Los Angeles Audio Show.

Showing off a distinctive carbon fibre exterior, that’s reminiscent of racing cars, this high-performance turntable actually bears the name of a particularly challenging turn at the famed Formula 1 racetrack from Monza. And just like today’s supercars, the Grand Prix Parabolica makes use of a carbon fibre monocoque design for extra rigidity and resonance damping, while a 13-pound aluminium platter and a brushless DC motor work on the technical side.

This special design includes a drive system that maintains perfect speed in complete silence. The direct-drive option can constantly update the motor with information about the accuracy of its speed. Apparently a single revolution of the platter requires Parabolica to take exactly 150,000 measurements, allowing the motor to adjust its speed in real time. The result is an ultra-quiet, extremely stable drive system, sans the removable quick-release armboards.