Govinda Is A Very Supportive Person: Karan Aanand

Actor Karan Aanand talked about his co-star Govinda and revealed that he is a very supportive person. The two share screen space in the upcoming flick Rangeela Raja.

"After working with him (Govinda), I have realised that he is mind-blowing guy as he is very down to earth and supportive with co-actors. Also, his great performance helps co-actors to uplift their performances because of his cooperative nature. On the set, he always motivated me to do good work," Karan said in a statement.

Karan did not stop raving about Govinda here, he also talked about his scenes with Govinda and how the Hero No. 1 actor helped him in improvising his acting.

He added: "Amazing part of my role is that it has a direct conflict with Govinda, where he wants to get things done from me and wants me to work according to him but I don't do it because I am playing an honest officer. So, my maximum scenes are with him.

"He is one of the best actors and it was really fun working with him as he is entertainer number one. So when you work with such wonderful actor, it enhances your role too."

But when it comes to considering someone as an idol, it is not Govinda, it is megastar Amitabh Bac hchan who is Karan's favourite.

"My only inspiration is Amitabh Bachchan, who is a role model for every actor of our generation. If I'm able to get even 10 per cent of him, then I'll feel very lucky. One thing common between both of us is that we both are from Allahabad and I wish to share a screen with him even if it is a very small role," Karan added.

Apart from upcoming movie Rangeela Raja, Karan has featured in movies like Baby, Lupt and Kick.

Picture Credits - IANS