Go For the Gold!

When one thinks of gold, the two things that come to mind immediately are extravagance and opulence. While gold jewellery and gold tinted garments are a great way to add some shine to your life, there’s another trend taking the beauty world by storm – gold ingredients.

Interestingly, gold has been part of beauty regimens for centuries, especially in Ancient Egypt and Ancient China. Gold has been put on a pedestal as one of the most revered metals in the world, especially when it comes to beauty. It also happens to have the ability to deter ageing and make your skin bright.

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In Ancient Egypt
Gold was used by the rich and powerful to attain a flawless complexion and stop the signs of ageing. And one name that’s practically synonymous with Ancient Egypt and beauty is Cleopatra. Cleopatra had a very dedicated beauty regimen that involved applying a golden mask to her face every day. This was believed to give her the flawless, beautiful, youthful appearance she maintained until her untimely death at the age of 38.

The golden mask helped regenerate skin cells so that the skin appeared fresher, younger and more beautiful. Cleopatra used bedtime and sleep time to maximum effect. She would wear this mask to bed each night and wake up in the morning with a glow that only a gold mask could lend.


In Asia
While Ancient Egyptians believed in wearing or applying the gold, some people in Asia had a whole different idea about it; they believed in ingesting it instead.

In Japan, some beauty-conscious women use gold in their food. For example, the Japanese spice up their sashimi by sloughing off gold flakes. People in China put gold into capsules and take it along with their daily vitamins. Some believe this to be the secret to Chinese women’s youthful glow.

Go-For-the- Gold

In Today’s World
Gold is coming back in a big way in the beauty industry, and is helping women maximise their potential. High end companies, such as OROGOLD, have incorporated gold into numerous products to make gold face creams, serums, and facial masks. You can even have a golden spa day at home; the brand has a luxury at-home golden face mask that lets you feel like Queen Cleopatra in the comfort of your own home. Luxury skin care and high end spas are all about getting pampered, and gold is helping these spas and beauty centres achieve this.


This trend has caught on in such a big way that some Victoria’s Secret models have been incorporating gold into their routines leading up to the days of the show.
Elsa Hosk, Alessandra Ambrosio, Sara Sampaio, and Irina Shayk are huge fans of the gold masks, and are regular visitors of skincare guru Mimi Luzon’s headquarters for super luxe 24-karat-gold face masks. Mimi Luzon 24K Pure Gold Treatment, which is made with gold leaf, is said to improve the skin’s elasticity and texture. Of course the mask doesn’t come cheap, but it is totally worth the splurge. So if you want to add some glow to your face this summer, then go for the gold!      – Suneela Kirloskar