Glam Icons 2015

What’s the first thought that comes to mind when you spot someone with a great sense of style, a charming personality and an attitude to match? A wish that you too could be like that, of course! The good news is... it can definitely happen! Being glamorous is all about confidence and having a clear sense of what looks best on you. While these qualities come naturally to some people, the rest of us have to work towards making a truly sensational appearance. So put on your thinking cap, pull out those trendy outfits, flash that charismatic smile and get ready to knock everyone off their feet!
We’re sure everyone agrees that Hyderabad is home to more than its fair share of well-dressed style icons. This year again, You & I has put together a list of our picks for the most glamorous faces in the city. While not all of them are household names, but there’s no doubt they’ve got the X-factor that really sets them apart. 
       --- Niharika
Manisha Kapoor, Tara Chellani, Gazal Somaiah & Abhijeeth Poondla 
Manisha Kapoor
A prominent figure on the city’s party scene, this fashionista is always dressed for the occasion. Her wonderful accessories and branded apparel are to die for. With a flawless complexion and petite frame, she brings elegance to everything.
Tara Chellani
Interior designer by profession, she has an exceptionally chic sense of style. Tara is often seen wearing casual denims, tops and flats during the day, and classy dresses, modified sarees or fusion wraps in the evening. Comfort being her main criteria, she carries off any look with finesse.
Gazal Somaiah
Less is more for this young lady, whose sense of style is always elegant and chic. She usually keeps accessories to a minimum and plays around with colours and cuts in her clothing. Whether it’s a stunning cocktail dress or simple jeans, Gazal can pull off just about anything.
Abhijeeth Poondla
Abhijeeth’s fashion sense reflects his personality: simple and comfortable. He’s always seen in trendy outfits in neutral shades befitting the occasion. Being an actor, he often experiments with his on-stage looks, but prefers to keep it casual when not working.