The Glam Brigade

In a world of quick greetings and fleeting hugs, we often don’t find time to stop and smell the roses. But every now and again, fashion gives us the perfect excuse to do a double take. It’s true when they say the first impression is the last impression, but what do you actually notice when you meet someone? It may be their looks, clothes or footwear, but more often than not it is their personality and the confidence with which they carry themselves that make and leave an impression. As Diane Von Furstenberg rightly said, “Character. Intelligence. Strength. Style. That makes beauty.”

Fashion is constantly evolving, with designers across the globe continually creating something new and exciting. Often it’s the newest fashion that is showcased, highlighted in social media and brand campaigns. And celebrity style inspires people. But let’s admit it: Those who blindly follow fashion aren’t really the fashionable ones. It is those who incorporate certain trends into their own personal style and carry them off with panache who truly make a statement.

As we do each year, You & I once again brings to you our pick of the most glamorous people of Hyderabad – men and women, young and younger – who have impressed us over time with their distinctive style and charm. Take a look at this year’s list!         -- Niharika

Sadhna Singh
A professional model who’s been in the industry for over 11 years, Sadhna believes that fashion is an art of self expression. A sucker for loose maxi dresses, loose cotton pants, and oversized jackets, she thanks her profession for keeping her up-to-date with the changing fashion trends. She says, “Being surrounded by stylists and designers all the time helps keep me updated.” She adds that she doesn’t like following trends; she likes to BE the trend. The tall and slender model has also recently started an event management company that organises fashion events to support worthy NGOs.

When asked what she’s most comfortable wearing, she says its handcrafted clothes in fabrics like linen and khaki which are light, breathy and comfortable. Her fashion icons are Gigi Hadid and Sonam Kapoor. Always fashionably turned out, Sadhna believes in stepping out like a star, which makes her an obvious choice for this list.

Madhavi Kasu
Born and raised in Jamaica, this mother of two is as stunning as it gets. She’s an electrical engineer with an MBA in finance, but could easily have chosen the fashion field, owing to her uber-chic fashion sense and stunning features and body.

To Madhavi, fashion is about expressing your identity, showing someone who you are through your choices, and using your clothes to show off your personality. She goes on to say, “For some people it’s just about comfort, but for me it’s about expressing myself.” Her personal style is chic, and she’s a big fan of accessories, mostly in the form of handbags and statement necklaces. Often seen in a dress and a cute pair of kicks, Madhavi never leaves her home without a pair of sunglasses, a designer bag, and her cell phone. Another Gigi Hadid fan, she stays up-to-date on fashion through social media, fashion magazines, and loads of travelling.  

Sreedhar Rao
Model, actor, and entrepreneur Sreedhar Rao believes fashion is an extension of one’s personality. It’s not just the clothes that matter, but the right attitude and confidence with which one carries themselves. Noting that he’s not a fashion-conscious person, rather just someone who likes to have fun with clothes, he says that although he likes fashion, he’s not it’s slave.

As an actor and model, Sreedhar is always aware of the current trends doing the rounds. He also refers frequently to blogs, magazines, and social media to know what’s trending. But most importantly, Sreedhar’s designer friends always help keep him up-to-date. Having modelled for brands like Lee, Mebaz, Dockers, and others, this handsome man has managed to turn many heads and win many hearts. He looks good either casual or suited up. Although he experimented with his clothing as recently as a few years ago, Sreedhar has now turned to comfort. He’s most often seen in a casual T-shirt and denims, while a well-fitted shirt and trousers are what you’ll find him in at parties. Some of his favourite brands include Graham Watches, Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Bottega Veneta for watches, belts, and shoes.

Muska Hesam
Although originally hailing from Afghanistan, Muska lived a major part of her life in The Netherlands before she moved to Hyderabad over two years ago. A cross-cultural trainer for Deloitte, she enjoys bridging the gap between the Indian and Dutch cultures, and explaining the tricks of the trade to people from each place.

“Fashion is very personal. It’s something that is unique to each person; not everything that I like has to be liked by others. My personal style differs from time to time; sometimes I want to look pretty and wear a dress and high heels, whereas other times I might want to wear boyfriend jeans with a tee and sneakers,” she says. Although not a sucker for accessories or jewellery, Muska likes bags by Chloé and Charles & Keith. Whether in jeans and an elegant top or an oh-so-pretty skirt, Muska’s everyday casual appearance is just as impressive as her on-duty looks.

Shalini and Shriya Bhupal
Mother-daughter duo Shalini and Shriya are scions of the GVK family, and hence they’re always in the limelight. Dressed to kill whenever they step out, they always sport the best designer garments and accessories. While Shalini is a business woman, mother and even a grandmother, she always impresses with her cheerful smile and delightful personality. Shriya, on the other hand, has created some outstanding clothes in the form of her design label ‘Shriya Som’, and has one of the most enviable wardrobes in the city.

Vijay Devarakonda
Currently one of the most-recognised faces in the Tollywood fraternity, Vijay can give any Bollywood star stiff competition. With his tall frame and attractive looks, Vijay has all the traits of a glamorous gentleman. One of the city’s most desirable bachelors, this actor is usually seen in casual jeans and T-shirts on a regular day, or a formal suit on occasions.

Iffat Khan
Drop-dead gorgeous looks, with an alluring yet demure personality, entrepreneur and fashion enthusiast, Iffat Khan exudes glamour and sophistication unlike anyone else. Her pretty smile and confidence are what made her a clear choice for this list. She’s most comfortable in denims and T-shirts, but is often seen sporting the best designer apparel and accessories.

Dia Bhupal
She may be a mother of two, but you’d never guess it by looking at her. A highly sought-after photographer and the daughter-in-law of the GVK family of Hyderabad, Dia is always a head-turner wherever she goes. Whether donning a saree, an LBD or a casual dress, it’s her poise and amiable smile that attract everyone’s attention. Her attractive features and slender frame make her one of the city’s most attractive women.

Gulnar Virk
A new entrant in the city, Gulnar moved to Hyderabad after her marriage to actor Aadarsh Balakrishnan two years ago. Since then, she has taken the city by storm with her simple yet attractive girl-next-door features and great attires. Tall, slender, and with beautiful long tresses, Gulnar looks great in almost everything she wears. The current mommy glow on her face only makes her stand out even more.

Rakul Preet Singh
An actress by profession, she won us over with her drop-dead-gorgeous looks and charming personality. Coming from an army family, Rakul knew at the age of 18, after she participated in Miss India, that fashion and cinema would be her calling. She is most often seen in casual jeans and tees, but she also loves wearing dresses and gowns. She doesn’t follow trends blindly, but instead picks garments that work for her body type and match her mood. A fitness junkie with her own chain of fitness centres, Rakul loves to work out and sweat it out once a day to feel refreshed, and that explains her svelte figure.  

Sasha Rawal Bajaj
A Mumbaikar who has married into a Hyderabadi family, Sasha always charms us with her great sense of style. Shuttling between Mumbai and Hyderabad, this slender lass dresses perfectly for every occasion–whether it’s a wedding, a brunch with friends, or just a casual night out. She’s the sister of ace men’s designer Kunal Rawal, and can always be found amidst the fashionable crowd. She can carry off any look with utmost confidence, earning her a well-deserved spot on this list.

Ashna Misra
Young, striking, and vivacious, Ashna is a fashionista who knows how to look her best every time she steps out. A well-known model in Hyderabad, she’s always seen sporting the best trends, both on the ramp and off. Her petite frame, humble nature and great fashion knowledge make her a complete diva.

Deepti Reddy
If you’re a Hyderabadi you definitely know of Deepti. She’s well-known in the party circuit for her chic style and down-to-earth nature. Comfort being her main requirement, Deepti is often seen in casual outfits during the day and appropriate evening wear when the sun goes down. Watch out for her designer accessories and statement pieces!

Harshvardhan Rane
This actor makes looking good look so easy! Whether in casuals or formals, Harshvardhan is always well turned out in his unique style. We love him because he manages to balance between streetwear and traditional menswear without ever appearing to try too hard! He could certainly ace any occasion’s dress code with his fabulous fashion sense. He’s most often seen in casual tees and joggers or jeans, with ruffled hair and an uber-charming personality.

Cherry Jain
Cherry has a distinct sense of fashion that invariably means everyone will turn around to take a second look. Dressed to the hilt for every occasion – whether a party, wedding or just a casual movie outing – her designer picks are always perfectly put together. She’s often seen sporting the best designer handbags, watches and sunglasses, and when in Indian attire, her jewellery is hard to miss.

Karen Bhatia
Being the mother of three doesn’t stop her from always putting the best foot forward. A dietician by profession, she definitely has a leg up when it comes to staying in great shape. And her striking features, tall frame, and sweet smile are a bonus! Whether in a saree or a dress, Karen always has every element of her dressing on point, thereby managing to remain the centre of attention!

Samantha Ruth Prabhu

This southern siren is known for her impeccable sense of style. Renowned Telugu actress and now wife of super star Nagarjuna’s son Naga Chaitanya, Samantha always manages to turn heads wherever she goes. Her amiable personality and always smiling face is an added bonus. Catch a glimpse of her gorgeous sarees, and the stylish accessories that always complete her look.

Tejasvi Madivada
This leggy beauty is a sight for sore eyes. The actress commands any room she enters, whether she’s in an evening dress or a casual pair of jeans. Her dazzling looks and confident attitude are what make her the complete package.

Manu Swarup
His chocolate boy looks have always won him lots of compliments, and his sense of dress – though simple – complements his nature perfectly. Manu is not one who follows trends blindly; instead he’s the kind who sticks to the tried-and-tested but still manages to look good. His staple outfits comprise a bold plain shirt or T-shirt, jeans and moccasins.

Sabina Xavier
Sabina is beauty and sophistication rolled into one package, a fashionista in the truest sense. Whether in a casual dress, formal trousers or an elegant saree, she’s always immaculately dressed, and often pairs her gorgeous outfits with statement pieces and stunning jewellery.

Youhan Mistry
Youhan’s fashion sense reflects his personality: simple and comfortable. He’s always seen in uncomplicated outfits in neutral shades befitting the occasion. Equally comfortable in casual and formal outfits, Nishant balances his look with the right attitude, which is what makes him stand out in a crowd.